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How to Update Your Previous Blog Posts

by Nathan Zachary

Frequent blog posts are indeed essential to every website. However, finding exciting and interesting subjects to write about every day or even each week takes time and effort.

70% of all marketers agree that creating engaging content is their greatest challenge.

One way to streamline the process of constant blog content is to convert old posts into different formats. This means you can use the wheel! Instead of creating new content daily, take advantage of the content you have already written by strengthening, updating, and repurposing your old posts.

While the specific repurposing strategies above require some effort from you, they’re less time-consuming to research and write articles on new subjects.


You will save time by cleaning out old blog posts on your site and increasing the amount of organic traffic you get. You’ll have a better likelihood of your blog’s older posts ranking higher than new blog posts (when you use the exact URL).

Here are some ideas to reuse your blog’s old material:

1. Expand or update old posts

technology changes quite quickly, with websites or services disappearing simultaneously as new ones come out to take their place. Revisiting your evergreen content each year will not only ensure they are up to date but also help increase the amount of organic traffic. Here are some methods to make your old post more modern under one of the top digital marketing companies in Dubai:

  • Correction of incorrect or obsolete information
  • Include images, graphs, or videos
  • Refresh examples
  • Include the most recent statistics and news.
  • Mention influencers
  • Make sure to upgrade your content
  • Write a CTA
  • Link to two or three other posts on your blog

2. Create a video version of your blog.

Videos are quickly growing to become one of the most-loved ways to consume content online. According to Google, 70% of young people believe they can find videos on YouTube about whatever they want.

3. Make blog posts into an email

You could consider repurposing your blog’s content to create new information in your newsletter. If you think that people don’t read emails, you’re wrong. What your potential and existing customers don’t want to read is the abundance of emails that promote businesses. They will be attracted by receiving something valuable if it provides them with new knowledge or is entertaining or assists them in any way. Many SEO packages in Dubai will send out email newsletters to clients.

4. Make it an infographic.

Who can transform nearly anything into an infographic? However, it is best to use statistics and data-rich articles. Be aware that the format is visual. Therefore, you should consider whether you can convey the information using pictures, numbers, or other data, as well as shorter words.

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