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How to Write a Guest Post That’s Worth Reading

by Nathan Zachary
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Getting a guest post on another blog can be a great way to gain exposure and get your brand out there. But, before you can do this, you have to write a quality guest post that will help the blogger and their audience. There are a few steps you can take to make sure you write a guest post that’s worth reading.

Include internal links

Adding internal links is a great way to increase your website’s SEO. They encourage visitors to read more of your content, which leads to higher engagement and lower bounce rates. They also help create a more organized, user-friendly interface.

Internal links should be added in an organic fashion and in a place that makes sense to your readers. You do not want to overwhelm them with too many links. Rather, add them in the most useful sections.

Links in the body copy are more likely to be weighted more heavily, so be sure to review your content for internal linking opportunities. For example, a photography blog post could link to a valuable guide on becoming a photographer. This could lead the reader to another page of your sites, such as a product page or a landing page.

In order to find the best internal linking opportunities, look for pages that already rank for related keywords. Ideally, you should link to them using descriptive anchor text. This tells Google which content is the most important on your site. Read More

Align your brand with the blogger’s brand

Creating SEO-friendly guest posts can help your brand get more traffic and leads. By doing so, you can establish your brand as an expert in your niche, which is beneficial for both you and your readers.

A good place to start is by looking for blogs that are relevant to your industry. Then, make sure that the blogger has a high domain authority. This is an important metric created by Moz. A higher domain authority means that the blog has a lot of traffic.

If you find a blog that meets your criteria, make sure to follow its guidelines for guest posting. This includes creating a short bio about yourself and linking back to your site.

Also, make sure that you include a CTA. However, avoid redirecting users with irrelevant CTAs. This is not user-friendly and can result in a high bounce rate.

Also, include a call to action for your readers to share your post. This is not only a good way to get more traffic, but it can also encourage your readers to share your content with others.

Focus on the value you’ll provide to the blogger and their audience

Creating a great guest post requires an in-depth understanding of the blogger’s audience and message. It also takes a proactive approach. It can help you establish a strong presence in the blogging community and create new leads.

Guest blogging is a good way to drive traffic to your site, and it can help boost your SEO. However, it takes a lot of time and effort. You need to find the right bloggers to collaborate with and get the most out of the experience.

The best guest posts are the ones that align the blogger’s brand with yours. They help expand the blogger’s message and expand your own brand. You can also get a valuable backlink for your website from the author’s bio.

Guest posting can also help you establish yourself as an authority. This helps establish a sense of trust and credibility with potential customers. A good guest post should include a call-to-action for readers to share it with their own networks.

Measure the results

Whether you are a blogger or a guest blogger, you must measure the results of your post to ensure that you are getting the best return from it. There are many ways to measure the results of a guest post, but it’s important to use the right combination of metrics to ensure that your blog post is doing what it was intended to do. These metrics include page engagement, length of visitor stay, and brand mentions.

You can also measure the results of a guest post through social shares. These shares provide an indication of external sources for your post, which can lead to improvement in your domain authority. In addition, they can enhance brand awareness and lead to increased traffic. Having a few social shares for your guest post can also lead to a higher conversion rate.

In addition to social shares, you should also track the results of your guest post by tracking backlinks and keyword rankings. You can use tools like Google Analytics to track the performance of your posts, or you can use an article tracking tool. These tools can tell you whether your post is doing well or not, and how your article ranks in Google’s search results. You can track up to five keywords, and you can also track changes in your articles over time.

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