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How You Can Benefit From Trigger Point Injections

by Nathan Zachary

If you spend hours in a chair in front of a computer screen, straining your neck and shoulders, or your lower back develops a muscle spasm, you may be experiencing what’s known as microtrauma. Microtrauma is defined as “tiny injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments that cause pain,” which can lead to chronic pain and other issues.

In either case, a very specific area in your muscle or fascia is so tense that it creates a dull ache that radiates outward. This can place tension on surrounding tissues, which can lead to tension headaches and other musculoskeletal issues such as low back pain.

If you are like many other people, you have probably struggled with chronic back pain. It is a very common problem and can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

The good news is that this condition may be something you can fix with just one trigger joint injection.

Trigger point injections are a type of injection that is used to treat certain types of pain in the back and neck. The procedure involves injecting anesthetic into one or more trigger points in order to relieve those areas from their pain. This can help to reduce or eliminate your suffering and allow you to move about more freely without worrying about how long your symptoms will last.

You should not attempt this procedure if you have any kind of heart condition or taking any medications that could interact with it. You should also not do it if you have ever had surgery on your spine before because it will affect the effectiveness of the treatment.

At DreamWork, our team of highly trained pain medicine specialists understands the many conditions that can cause musculoskeletal pain, and muscle tension certainly qualifies. To remedy your pain, we often turn to trigger point injections, which is a technique we use to release the tension right at its source.

Trigger point injections are a less invasive way to treat muscle tension than traditional injection therapy, because they don’t require accessing a nerve or muscle tissue. They work by injecting anesthetic into the area of your pain and then gently massaging the area with a small needle until you feel relief.

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional injection therapy, trigger point injections may be just what you need!

A matter of tension

Trigger points are small knots in your muscles that cause pain and inflammation. They’re caused by tiny tears in the muscle tissue, which causes blood to flow into the area. This creates a taut band of tissue that leads to pain and stiffness, or even more serious injuries.

Trigger point injections are an effective treatment for these painful muscle conditions. The injections are done with a needle that is inserted into the muscle tissue to release the tension and relieve pain. Once the needle is removed from the muscle, it’s covered in a sterile bandage to help keep the area clean and dry until it heals.

When you strain a certain area of your muscles or fascia (the tissue that surrounds your muscles), you may experience pain in the area of the knot, as well as outlying areas that are connected to the affected tissue. This is known as myofascial pain.

The reason for this is because when a muscle contracts, it produces tension on its surrounding tissues, which can be painful if they’re not strong enough to withstand the pressure. If a muscle doesn’t have enough blood supply to properly nourish itself, it will overwork itself and become damaged (this is called microtrauma).

Myofascial pain is caused by microtrauma and inflammation, which are two factors that can be caused by overstraining your muscles.

Muscle knots are just what they sound like: small groups of muscles stuck together, making it difficult to move. You might not notice the pain until you try to move something, or even when you’re sitting still.

The problem with these types of muscle knots is that once your tissue tenses, it has a hard time relaxing again. And the added tension in this small area of muscle can pull on surrounding tissues, widening your zone of discomfort and exacerbating the problem.

DreamWork is a professional, trigger point injections center. We offer trigger point injections to help relieve tension and get to the source of your pain. Our goal is to help you feel better, so that you can do what you do best.

Trigger point injections are one of our most effective ways to relieve tension and allow critical healing resources to flow freely again. We often use trigger point injections during our consultations, but they can also be used by clients themselves at home.

Trigger point injections are a safe, painless procedure that uses local anesthesia to numb the affected muscles. By injecting a small amount of anesthetic directly into the trigger point, we can help relieve pain and increase circulation in the area. This can help break down adhesions and scar tissue, allowing your body to heal itself more easily.

Pulling the trigger

Once we have identified the origin of your myofascial pain, we will work together to find a solution that works for you. We’ll work with you to determine which muscle groups are contributing to your current symptoms, and then we’ll provide targeted treatment for those specific muscles. Our goal is to help you feel better so that you can live your life with more ease!

In order to help you identify the source of your tension, we use a variety of techniques to gently probe and analyze your body. We then prepare you for an injection by numbing your skin with local anesthetic. Once your skin is sufficiently numb, we inject a solution directly into your muscle knot, which usually contains a local anesthetic and a steroid to combat inflammation.

The DreamWork procedure takes only minutes to complete and will leave you feeling better almost immediately. If necessary, we may administer several injections into the site, but whether we use one or three injections, the in-office procedure takes us only minutes to complete. Once we’re finished, you’re free to get on with your day, and you should feel better almost immediately.

Full-body relief

Trigger point injections are a great way to help with other pain issues.

While we’ve been discussing the most common culprits when it comes to myofascial pain, such as lower back strain and tech neck, we turn to trigger point injections to address other issues, as well.

Injections are often used for patients who suffer from headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain—all of which can be attributed to trigger points (muscle knots). Trigger points can also cause more serious problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Myofascial pain is a common problem that can develop anywhere in your body. It may be triggered by an injury or it could be caused by a genetic predisposition, but the cause is usually not obvious. Trigger point injections are used to treat myofascial pain and trigger point injections can play a role in remedying most all of them.

Trigger point injections are administered by anesthesiologists and are generally painless. Once the needle is inserted into the soft tissue, the injection is then delivered via a small needle-like device called a cannula that can be inserted through the skin and into the muscle tissue. The injection will contain local anesthetic and other medications used to relieve pain from the trigger point being targeted with this type of injection.

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