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I Have Been Burned By An SEO Agency Before But I Know I Need It For My Business To Survive. What Should I Do?

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Anyone in SEO will attest to how frustrating the industry can get at times, but one of the most disheartening aspects of the job is when you encounter a business owner who has only ever had poor experiences with previous ‘SEO experts’.

If you are one of many who have been ‘burned’ in the past by an SEO agency, but you understand that proper SEO is critical for your business’s long-term survival, give this article a read. We’ll share some tips on how to get past the distrust and find an agency that will go above and beyond to deliver the results you deserve.

Start with extensive research into SEO and manage your expectations 

While there is undoubtedly a large number of inequitable people out there who are more than happy to scam small businesses, it doesn’t change the fact that misinformation and a lack of understanding is a large contributing factor in this area.

For example: how did your relationship with your previous SEO company end? Because if you were paying them for three or four months and then jumped ship because you didn’t see instant results and started making a return on your investment, then there’s a good chance that you pulled the cord a little too soon…

Again, this isn’t to say that you were in the wrong. However, it is vital that you thoroughly understand SEO, what is involved, and how long it can take to yield positive results and a sustainable ROI.

Assuming that you have the right expectations, let’s look at how to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff…

How to find an SEO agency you can trust?

If you wish to avoid ending up in a similar situation as before, here are a few key things to look for in an SEO agency:

  • Social proof: When looking at an SEO agency, head to their social media pages and look at their social proof. What are their customers saying about them? Is the general consensus very positive? Avoid any agencies that have very little in the way of social proof.
  • Positive customer reviews: You should also look at Google reviews and any testimonials on their website. Is there an overwhelming amount of positive support in favour of their services? If an agency has had dozens – if not hundreds – of positive, 5* reviews, then you can feel far more confident in their abilities to deliver for you.
  • Success stories: Another thing to look out for is case studies. Before you part with your hard earned cash and sign up for SEO services in Singapore, or anywhere else for that matter, you should request some case studies. If they have loads of previous success stories to share with you, you’ll be able to clearly see the proof in the pudding.
  • An authoritative website: It’s not just social proof and case studies that can help you in this decision making process; you should also judge the quality of their website – and indeed the content on it. A large part of building customer trust is in marketing and content creation. If they have plenty of authoritative content on their blog, it is usually a good sign.

Conclusion: Don’t take their word for it

Today, you don’t need to take an SEO agency’s word. When there are so many different platforms that customers can use to leave feedback, you should never have to invest in an SEO agency on blind faith alone.

So, ultimately, if you want to be certain that you are choosing an SEO agency that will not burn you and can definitely deliver the goods, make sure they have plenty of proof to confirm their authenticity.

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