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IFB vs LG Washing Machine

by Nathan Zachary

LG Electronics Inc. and IFB are India’s largest consumer electronics companies, competing against each other for the first spot in the laundry appliance market. 

Both companies have been investing heavily in research and development to improve their product range to give better customer value and gain market share. Almost both the washing machine brands are in the Best Washing Machine in India 2022.

However, there are several things you should consider while choosing a washing machine. Here we compare the key differences between IFB and LG washing machines.

1. Design & Style

The LG and IFB washing machines are stylish, modern and sleek designs. You can choose either according to your taste.

2. Features

There are some standard features like wash cycles, water level indicators, etc., which both models share. But there are certain features exclusive to each model. For example, the LG washing machines come with innovative technology, which allows you to schedule automatic cleaning based on the type of clothes you wear, whereas the IFB washing machine has a feature like Aqua Energie, which solves the problem of hard water prevalent in India.

3. Built Quality

Both brands offer high-quality products, thus leaving little space for difference in quality.

4. Washing Performance

LG has a reputation for its superior performance in comparison to IFB. The LG washing machines are more efficient than the IFB washing machines as they use less energy, thanks to their direct drive motors.

5. Customer Service

When we compare IFB vs LG, then we come to know that LG has better penetration in the market with its vast customer service network. The customer enjoys quick customer service with a high presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. However, the AMC service provided by IFB is considered to be valuable by many customers.

 6. Technologies, Design, and Durability

a) LG Washing Machines

Energy consumption: This washer has smart inverter tech, which means it uses less electricity than regular washing machines. It also has a five-star energy rating means high efficiency.

Direct drive technology – This is one of the latest technologies used by this washing machine. The motor is directly attached to the tub, making it easier for the machine to be stable during operation.

Smart ThinQ App: If there’s an issue with your washing machines, connecting it to the Smart ThinQ app will help you figure out the problem quickly. With this app, you can identify almost 86 types of errors.

Auto restart and Auto tub cleaning:- This washer also features an automatic start feature and automatic tub cleaning. These two functions can help improve your laundry washing efficiency!

b) IFB Washing Machines

It has an EER (Efficiency Rating) of 5 stars, meaning it uses less electricity than most washing machine brands. However, it doesn’t use inverter technology, so it isn’t as efficient as some other models.

AquaEnergie:- It helps to energise the water so that detergent can be dissolved better. For those living in hard water regions, it can help them out quite a bit.

Inbuilt Heating System:- This washing machine has an inbuilt heating system that ensures your laundry gets washed quickly and effectively. It keeps your clothing germ free.

Automatic Tub Cleaning Feature:- It also has a cleaning feature for automatically cleaning the bathtub.

Hence, these are the major summary for IFB vs LG Washing machines. We hope our article helped you make up your mind about what kind of washing machine you need.

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