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IGTV – Why Instagram Will Soon Be Better Than YouTube

by Nathan Zachary
IT Technician

Instagram is a better platform than YouTube. Instagram launched IGTV recently, a new platform that allows video editors to upload longer videos.

In the past, Instagram Stories were limited to 15 seconds and regular videos allowed to be posted for 60 seconds. IGTV allows users to upload video content up to 60 minutes in length.

This product is a new entry into the video sharing market that aims to challenge established companies like Snapchat and YouTube.

This app also features the ability to view videos vertically, making it very easy for users with mobile phones.

Videos are easy to find, especially if you follow the creators.

Officials at Instagram claim that IGTV was released at a time when people are switching to digital video platforms and less TV.

Although the app aims to take YouTube’s market share, it is not an easy task.

Why Instagram Will Soon be Better

YouTube is a well-known brand that has loyal customers who have grown to love it. IGTV is aware of this fact and has developed features that are comparable to its competitors.

Automatic Video Play

IGTV is not like YouTube. Once you log in, you will see videos immediately.

This makes it easier to find footage, as it automatically appears on your timeline.

You can play videos from the people you love watching.

This decision was influenced by the success of Instagram’s Insta stories and live broadcasts.

You can click on the Insta story of the people you follow or watch to bring up the timeline.

Users can log in to enjoy videos created by their favorite content creators via an automatic play function.

It uses Swipe Navigation

This feature allows you to use swipe gestures instead of interrupting full-screen mode with navigational icons.

To see the next video, swipe only while you are still in the same screen mode.

It switches automatically to a new video when you swipe.

This is a significant improvement over having to manually select another video from your homepage.

Swiping sideways will take you to the next video or previous videos.

Clicking up will bring up tabs Popular, For You, and Continue Watching.When you swipe up, a search bar appears.

Boosts Creativity

IGTV currently does not allow advertising so content creators can’t earn money from their videos.

Although it sounds terrible, creators can create content that is creative and attracts sponsors as well as followers to their channel.

It won’t help if a lot of people view a video.

EduBirdies, for example, offers guidelines to help you increase your creativity.

To attract sponsors, your video must be informative, entertaining, or educational.

It is important to remember that sponsors can approach you directly, and IGTV does not have any part in this.

This is a great wayCOMPRARSEGUIDORESARGENTINA to market your products and make money.

Creators state that they first seek engagement from users before launching a monetization platform.

Continuous Monitoring

IGTV allows you to continue watching a video right from the place you left it, unlike other video streaming sites.

This feature eliminates the frustration of waiting for a video file to load to the right point.

The videos have a scrub bar so that if you missed a part you can go back to it.

The Original App Can Be Used to Access Videos

It is fine if you don’t want to download the IGTV App.

You can watch videos on your main Instagram app.

You will see an icon at your top that allows you access to these videos.

This is a positive for users as they can add the new feature to their site without causing any harm to other users.

The app integrates seamlessly with Instagram’s existing features.

You can still send videos through messages.

Vertical Format

Facebook launched Facebook Watch but it hasn’t been as successful as expected.

IGTV is a better option for Instagram, as most users shoot and view videos vertically.

Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms for vertical videos, with over 30,000,000 views per month.

YouTube Faces Challenges

YouTube has faced many hurdles in recent days, from its monetization policy to offensive material from content creators.

YouTube users are looking for a new way to share their content.

YouTube changes its advertising guidelines frequently, affecting how many channels make money.

YouTubers are experiencing anxiety over these policy changes. Some may even be on the verge of a collapse, as YouTube is their source of income .

IGTV has the opportunity to bring these YouTube creators into their platforms.

Many of these people have many followers, who will most likely follow them to their new place.

Logan Paul’s insensitive video caused an outcry on YouTube. YouTube had to wait for YouTube to remove it.

Concerns about monetization and child exploitation are two of the current issues facing the company.

IGTV now has an opportunity to address these issues and provide its users with a guarantee in terms of its terms and privacy policies.

Available for Android and iOS

Both iOS and Android users can access the IGTV app.

This app allows users to watch videos on both platforms.

Mobile phone users can watch IGTV content on their mobile phones without having to worry about what operating system they use.

Instagram Has 1 Billion Users

Instagram is currently IGTV’s principal partner and boasts over 1 billion monthly active users.

It’s a great platform for creators who want to reach large audiences.

One billion people ensure that all content uploaded is available for consumption by others.

Creators can make a lot of money by tapping into a market that is mostly dominated young people. This may help them gain global recognition.

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