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Illuminate Your Home Office With These 5 Helpful Tips

by Nathan Zachary

Perhaps you have a home office but you’re not sure how to properly illuminate the setting. When designing your ideal home office, lighting is crucial, but it is sometimes an overlooked component.

When used in excess, fluorescent ceiling lights can be tiring to the eyes. The same is true of poor illumination or inadequate lighting, which can lead to fatigue, strained eyes, and headaches. So, whether you’re at home or at the office, here are some easy ways to improve the ambient lighting for your surroundings.

Don’t Shine Direct Light on Your Desk.
To avoid eye strain, avoid working where overhead lights are particularly bright. As an alternative, consider how you might soften the ambient light that will brighten your workspace. A shelf display light diffuses and disperses the light, whereas a floor lamp directed upwards illuminates the room by reflecting light off the walls and ceiling. It’s important to get a good, even glow around the room without any harsh shadows or glare caused by excessively bright, direct lighting.

Take Advantage of Natural Lighting
Look around the room and take note of natural light. Make the most of natural light by positioning your workstation so that it faces (or is adjacent to) a bright window. The eyes don’t have to work as hard when exposed to natural light. Set up shop by the window if you want to be inspired by the scenery without distractions.

Utilize Multiple Light Sources, Rather Than One Single Bright One
Layers are key when planning the lighting for your home office. It’s important to use a variety of lights in order to adequately illuminate the room. The addition of a shelf display lighting in one corner would serve as both decoration and light. Since the objects on the shelves will block most of the light from the display shelf with integrated lighting, glare won’t be an issue.

Use a Task Lamp or a Traditional Arc Floor Lamp
There’s nothing quite like a traditional arc floor lamp. The lights here are essential for seeing clearly in an otherwise dark room. Floor lamps with adjustable arms, such as those featuring an arc design, are especially helpful since they can be positioned at the optimal height and angle for any given task.

Implement Accent Lighting
You probably spend a significant portion of your day at your home office, so making it as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible is a smart move. Working from home allows you the freedom to make some design choices for your workspace, and lighting is an excellent example of this. Shelf display lighting, for instance, may be used to provide a flattering light on a treasured photo, a collection of relics, or your most prized work of art, and display lighting can increase the ambient light output of a setting without creating glare.

There are a variety of considerations to make while shopping for office lighting, including the floor plan of the area as well as the desired level of brightness. You can make your workstation more effective and aesthetically pleasing by using a combination of general, task, and accent lighting in any room, regardless of its size or shape.

Where To Shop For Accent and Task Lighting?
If you’re looking to update the lighting in your home office, look no further than ShopFenlo.com. They carry everything you need, from shelf display lighting to task lighting such as arc floor lamps and torchiere lamps.

Since working from home has become increasingly popular, you can rest assured that Fenlo will have the perfect lighting accessory for your home office. Check out their website for some ideas, and if you have any questions for their lighting experts, fill out their customer service form.

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