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Important Tips for Finding the Right Electrician

by Nathan Zachary
Important Tips for Finding the Right Electrician

Type and scope of work, experience and references, insurance and guarantees, compliance with standards, the company’s solidity, quality of products installed, prices, etc. There are different criteria for choosing an electrician. When you are booking home maintenance services online ensure that the professional has hands-on experience. Discover our tips in this guide.

Why Hire a Professional for Your Electrical Work?

Electrical work requires optimal safety and compliance with certain standards, so it is essential to call on a professional because an aging or faulty electrical installation can be responsible for serious accidents.

Indeed, in Pakistan, 25% of domestic fires result from electrical problems; each year, 160 people die due to dangerous installations.

Define Your Needs Well in Advance

First of all, precisely define your needs. Is it a construction or a renovation? Does your home require a complete installation of the electrical system (electrical panel, location of sockets, electrical wiring, computer, telephone, weak currents, lighting, heating, etc.)?

Is your need focused on the conformity of the electrical installation, on an electrical safety diagnosis, or the installation of a radiator? Or do you need troubleshooting? These questions will already help you to sweep the most important.

Use Objective Criteria

Experience and References, Essential Criteria

Don’t mess with electricity! Search with the keyword home maintenance services near me to book a qualified and experienced electrician for your electrical wiring installation, repair, and service. Make sure he has the required skills and has followed qualifying training, and feel free to ask him for his diplomas if you have any doubts.

And ask him to provide you with references from clients who have worked with him. You will be able to check his skills and the quality of his work. Click here to learn more about being an electrician.

An old way to find a reliable and competent electrician is to have a professional recommended by those around you. If you don’t know anyone around you who has hired an electrician, you still have the internet. You will be able to find there opinions of Net surfers and references. You can also consult the showcases of our professionals directly on our site.

Guarantee of Service

Before starting any electrical work, ensure that your electrician guarantees you the deadlines and checks that he has taken out certain trainings. Also, ensure that the company you are booking him through offers a work guarantee for at least 15 days. This way, you will not have to pay for any fault that would surface right after the service.

Compliance with Standards

Your professional must comply with the standards and legislation in force. It brings together different rules with which the electrician must comply to guarantee the safety and proper functioning of the electrical installation.

Company Strength

Check that the company you are using is solid and healthy. Make sure that it is not in judicial liquidation by asking the registry of the commercial court in your department. Find out about its sustainability by consulting its turnover and year of creation. Also, you should check the company’s online reviews through which you are booking an electrician at home. This will help you make a safe decision while letting choosing an electrician for your house’s electrical works.

Quality of the Products Used

Prefer an electrician who offers quality products for your electrical installation to ensure its longevity and safety. It is better to book electrician services through a recognized brand such as the Mahir Company to ensure a reliable and safe experience.

Price and Quote

The question of the budget is essential. With respect to finding a craftsman with the best quality/price ratio, do not hesitate to compete. Request several quote requests from different professionals.

A well-detailed estimate will be a guarantee of professionalism. It must contain the following:

1. Price, including tax

2. Start and end dates of the construction site

3. The terms of payment

You can book the best electrician in your area through the Mahir Company App to ensure a safe, reliable, affordable, and hassle-free experience.

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