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Important Tips to Consider For Ecommerce Website Development

by Nathan Zachary

E-commerce is the buzzword today, with millions of shoppers around the world choosing to shop online instead of going to physical stores. As a result, retailers have to turn to entrepreneurs who have not yet focused on Ecommerce website development, or who have not found a reliable turnkey solution to move their business to the Internet.

Developing a website, regardless of the business model, is a complex task. It requires analysis of many aspects, from user experience to performance. If an e-commerce site is not powerful enough to offer users an easy way to shop, customers are likely to choose another site for their purchases.
An effective way to save time and create a profitable online store is to choose e-commerce platform providers. They offer a ready-made solution for all your e-commerce website needs with many attractive features. Before choosing an e-commerce platform, you need to keep a few things in mind to make sure that the result will be fully functional.

Let’s look at some of these key points.

A user-friendly platform – A user-friendly platform that allows existing and new users to search for the products they want and place an order easily is always the first choice of buyers. In the process of developing an e-commerce website, the convenience with which customers can use the platform should be a priority. According to statistics, 30% of shoppers use the search option to find the products they want. Therefore, user-friendly navigation, a quick search option and a smooth transition to purchase are essential to attract customers and should not be neglected.

Security – Security is a major concern when transacting online. Customers share sensitive information such as credit or debit card numbers, passwords, etc. with the confidence that their data is protected. Ignoring security can even cause customers to lose their money, which can ultimately have a negative impact on the online store’s reputation and sales. When designing an e-commerce website, it is necessary to implement SSL encryption to ensure the security of your customers’ personal data.

Responsive design: it is important to make sure that the e-commerce website is optimized for cell phones, as most customers nowadays use cell phones for shopping. Implementing a responsive design so that the e-commerce site is easily accessible on all devices is essential for success. If an online store is not optimized for all devices and does not offer a good user experience, the site risks losing a growing group of customers.

Optimize website performance: according to statistics, a website that takes more than three seconds to load is abandoned by 40% of users. This can be common for mobile users who frequently visit multiple websites at any given time of the day. Losing customers due to slow website loading should not happen to an online website. Therefore, website optimization is a feature to consider in the process of developing an e-commerce website. Techniques such as using compressed images or combining the site’s JavaScript and CSS files into a single file can help speed up the site.

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