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Instagram DM Online: IG: DM vs Inflact Reviews!

by Nathan Zachary
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Instagram DM Online: IG: DM vs Inflact Reviews! followers on Instagram Are you interested in using Instagram messages on a computer and asking how to DM on Instagram on a PC? Then surely, you are looking for various services that can help you implement your idea. Click here

In 2022, there are two services on the search top – IGDM and Inflict. Which one is the best and you should choose it?

We’ve decided to compare them and prepared the review under their functional and technical capabilities. Stay with me, baby!


Is not only a strong DM tool but a full-fledged IG Promo service that provides users with a vast scope of functional possibilities. There are 2 working services Scheduled posting and Direct messaging and 4 additional tools Instagram downloader, Profile analyzer, Hashtag generator, and Hashtag trends.

It’s a web service, so you can use it on Windows, MAC, or Linux or just browse it from your phone.

So, it has a user-friendly interface. The simple registration process in the service doesn’t challenge somebody! The user can enter the subscription to any available module. On average, it costs from $10 to $20 per month and depends on the chosen module. After that, everyone can start to use the functions and connect to a VPN as an Instagram proxy, Which will give your a dedicated IP address when you are using the Inflict DM tool, So never be detected by Instagram for IP address change frequently. get paid followers on instagram

As for DM online, the service continually works on upgrading its functional possibilities. First of all, it has a convenient Instagram chat on PC with lots of goodies for fast and efficient chatting with followers and clients.

DM tool screenshot

Here, users can send and receive messages and add to them stickers, emoticons, and pictures. Also, he can mark the chats with the appropriate labels and tags, add the details of conversations and collect the personal info of each client.

There is an AI-optimization search function using which you can find any person from the existed chat or start the new one.

For targeting mailouts, the user can organize bulk messaging. There are two available options: welcome messages to new followers and news messages to all followers. Also, you can create templates and drafts of mailouts.

Direct Tool screenshot

The main drawback of the service is the absence of auto-replies. However, the developers have announced this feature soon.

IG: DM service has several variations of the name: IG: DM, IGDM, IG: dm, Ig: dm. However, all these names represent the same service. IG: DM is a tool the main purpose of which is to provide users with access to a direct messenger from any operating system, whether it is Windows, MAC, or Linux.

Desktop IGDM allows performing actions in the usual direct messenger. Using it, clients can send and receive messages, add images and emoticons to them, create chats and search for the desired user thanks to the search function. Also, it provides the ability to quote different messages for easy structuring.

The main advantage of the service is a free app. For those who want to support the development, it is possible to send donations. You can use PayPal for this. get more followers on instagram check now

The service is a fairly stable application, but from time to time, you can find negative reviews on the Internet about errors in the service. First of all, this is the speed of loading messages. Users note the slow operation of the service during a period of high workload.

The search function does not identify all users with whom you can start a conversation. That is, if you have not added a user before, the service doesn’t find him when searching.

According to the advanced features, there is an alternative paid version of IG: DM – IG: DM Pro.

  • It has broad functional possibilities like:
  • Proxy Support;
  • Instagram Chat online;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • Quick replies;
  • Dark theme;
  • Delete conversations;

All these features are ready for free 14 days after a trial period of installation. After that, you need to decide whether to enter a subscription to the module or not. By the way, it costs 10 EUR.

Above all, the service may be unsafe as it has a free version. So, your account can be blocked and you lose it forever

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