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Instander APK (Instagram Mod app) Version Free Download

by Nathan Zachary

Instander, a modified version of Instamod, allows you to download high-quality videos and photos, reels as well as IGTV. Instagram is one the most used social-sharing apps. It’s the largest source for entertaining, educational and political updates. Instagram lacks certain exclusive features, such as the ability to download media. Third-party developers attempted to create such features. Instander is the result of this effort and improves the user experience. It’s also the best alternative to InstaPro.

Work Process

It is simple to use and comes with an intuitive UI. After the installation is complete, launch the app and log into your account. You can change the settings by clicking on the three lines parallel to your profile page. You are now ready to enjoy the amazing features of the app, including an inbuilt downloader and ad blocking.

In-built Downloader

Insta Thunder has a lot to offer, including images, videos, reels and more. While we love all the content available, some of it is hard to watch right away and we would rather save the video to our devices. The third-party downloader is more efficient but comes with a lot of advertisements. Download Instagram++ to avoid this annoying situation. It allows you to download high-quality Instagram media while saving space by not downloading third-party software. This will protect your device against any malware or bugs that could be downloaded to it via a third-party software.

The List of Contacts is limited

The digital world has brought people together in close relationships all over the globe. We can connect with many people every day thanks to multiple social-sharing apps. Privacy is something we also want. Sometimes we upload content that only a few of our closest friends can see. The app allows you to create a separate group of friends and not a follower list. The list can be customized at any time without having to know your friends. A label can distinguish material that is shared with friends only.

Your Stories are hidden

Our daily stories are often uploaded to the internet. It could be written words, live video, photos from a picnic, or any other activity. We don’t want it to be shared with our followers or any other strangers added to our contacts list. The app protects your privacy and allows you to choose a few people to view your stories. You can, however, view other contacts’ stories and not notify them.

Also Download: InstaAero

Disable Message Reply

IG is the best place for uploading images, videos and other material. Sometimes, we may get negative responses from contacts to our posts. These people will try to keep the screen clean, but don’t be discouraged. You can avoid this situation by disabling the replies option completely or selecting a few people to reply to your posts.

Multiple Story Options

The feature “Save Story to Archive” will turn on and automatically save the story to your archive. This feature is ideal for those with low storage requirements. You can also keep your privacy strong by not allowing anyone to see the saved stories. Your ‘Live Videos can be saved to your archive for a period of 30 days. You can increase the quality of your stories by up to 10Mbps, which will speed up your uploads. If you do not want it to automatically play, open the “experimental settings” option.

Share your stories

Your stories can be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as with your friends. Your contacts can also use the stories and posts you share. This is possible on all social-sharing apps. However, some of our stories and posts are so important that we don’t want others to share them. You can disable the feature by going to settings. This will make it impossible to share.


We get annoyed by multiple sponsored advertisements while scrolling through the interesting posts uploaded by our contacts. These ads can’t be disabled from our Instagram feed, and can drain our data. You can easily disable ads using the privacy settings in Instander.

You can search unlimited content

IGTV provides entertainment 24/7 by showing you different types of images and videos. While following people, you can also see the most popular videos and videos from around the globe. You can search the section and access unlimited content such as DIY videos, Travel content and Food images.

Analytics disabled

If you are connected to any business account, disable the publication statistics and insights. It can also track your daily activities but it could cause app crashes as developers are still trying to manage the situation. You can easily disable the feature by going to the Privacy Settings.

Ghost Mode

This mode is great for those who enjoy living in strange situations. The feature can be used to hide the status of ‘typing text’, view the stories of others and not notify them. You can also use ‘don’t mark directly read’ to read the messages.

High-Quality Content

The official account compresses the photos and reduces the quality. Instanter allows you to preserve the quality of your photos by using the ‘Photos at max quality’ feature. The feature can be used to improve the quality of IGTV and Photos, Reels, Stories, and other features. You can view high-quality images and upload your stories and photos using high-quality graphics.

Use Gestures for Multiple features

You can access many features from your account by simply using your fingertips. Swiping left or right will navigate you to pages. The long tap will zoom in on your image. Double-clicking can make it easier to like the image. This wizard also includes many other features, such as view stories in fullscreen, an in-app browser to follow links, automatic playing of videos, and so forth. If you wish, you can disable these features.

Avail Verification Badges

You can send appreciation and support to developers, and get verification badges back. The app allows you to comment, send screenshots and even send usernames. Wait for badges to be shown to other Instander users.

Additional Features

Follow a lot of people and connect with them via DM to learn more. You can set a path to download and save them in the location you prefer. Also, save your data by deactivating auto-playing videos from your stories.

Last words

The best mod to get a great IG experience is AeroInsta. The app allows you to enhance your social life, connect with your friends, and share your emotions with them. You can download your favorite content directly from the app without any third-party software.

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