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Instant and Quick Ways to troubleshoot Gmail Spell check not working!

by Nathan Zachary
Instant and Quick Ways to troubleshoot Gmail Spell check not working!

With astonishing automatic email filters and categories, smart compose, instant reply in email, email nudges, even details, writing, and intelligent search suggestions, Gmail has acquired a special place in users’ minds. However, it is true that the users frequently encounter technical issues like Gmail search not working, Gmail App no Connection,  Gmail Notifications not working, or spell check issues. Now, if you are witnessing the same, then surely you must go through this blog as it properly explains the different ways to resolve and troubleshoot your problems without any fuss.

What could be the possible reasons behind the Gmail spell check not working?

There are different reasons behind this, and a few of them are:

  • Maybe there could be issues related to enabling Gmail spell check
  • There could be a sluggish or slow internet connection
  • Maybe you could have disabled excessive cache in your browser
  • Issues related to servers
  • Maybe you have installed numerous browser extensions

How can I troubleshoot Gmail Spell check not working?

To fix Gmail spell check not working, you are supposed to follow and apply a few important steps and instructions. To do it, you must apply the steps:

You must enable spell check in your browser

  • Firstly, you must tap the settings button, which is located at the upper right part of the browser
  • Now, you must choose this option
  • Now, you can go down and then tap on ‘show advanced settings
  • After that, you must scroll down till you locate the ‘languages section.’
  • Tap on the language and input the settings button
  • Tick the box beside that enables spell checking
  • You can now simply add to the dictionary and then tap on the custom spelling dictionary

Enable spell check in Gmail

  • You can now simply log in to your Gmail account and then hit the settings icon
  • Now, you must choose the see all settings option
  • And then, in the ‘General section,’ you can simply locate the spelling option
  • Now, you can hit the radio button, which is available in front of this option to on
  • And then go down and then hit the save spelling suggestion on the button

You should remove the cache and cookies

  • Firstly, you are supposed to tap on three dots which are located at the top right part of your browser screen
  • Now, you can scroll to ‘more tools’ and opt for ‘clear browsing data.’
  • And then a window will pop up after you must tap on it
  • You can choose to remove the cache and cookies

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You can simply follow and apply a few important steps and instructions in order to resolve the Gmail spell check not working. Apply and execute the instructions to fix all your problems without any fuss.

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