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Introduction to Blockchain Technology: A Comprehensive Guide

by Nathan Zachary
Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a way to store information that makes it hard or impossible to change, hack, or otherwise change the system. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that makes copies of transactions and sends them to all of the computers in the blockchain network.

Blockchain technology is a structure that keeps a public record of transactions, called a “block,” in a series of databases, called a “chain,” that are linked by peer-to-peer nodes. This kind of storage is usually called a “digital ledger.”

The owner’s digital signature goes along with every transaction in this ledger. This shows that the transaction is real and stops anyone from changing it. Because of this, the information in the digital ledger is very safe.

The digital ledger serves the same purpose as a networked Google spreadsheet used to log transactions across several computers. The interesting part is that anyone can see the information, but they can’t change it.

Why is Everyone interested in Blockchain?

Let’s consider you want to send money from your bank account to family or friends. You would go to your online bank account and use the other person’s account number to send the money to them. Your bank changes the records of the transaction when the transaction is done. It seems easy enough, doesn’t it? Most of us don’t think about a possible problem.

Changes can be made to these kinds of transactions very quickly. People who know this are often hesitant to use these kinds of transactions. This is why third-party payment apps have become more popular in recent years. But this weakness is basically the reason why Blockchain technology was made.

Blockchain is a digital ledger that has been getting a lot of attention and uses lately. But why does it have so many fans? So, let’s look into it to figure out what it’s all about.

Keeping track of data and transactions is a very important part of running a business. Usually, this information is handled in-house or sent to a third party, such as brokers, bankers, or lawyers, which takes more time, costs more money, or does both. Blockchaingets rid of this long process and speeds up the transaction, saving both time and money.

Most people think that Blockchain and Bitcoin are the same things, but that’s not true. Blockchain is a technology that can be used in many different fields, such as finance, supply chain, manufacturing, etc. However, Bitcoin is a currency that depends on Blockchain technology to be safe.

Blockchain is a new technology that has many benefits in a world that is becoming more digital:

● Extremely safe

It uses a digital signature to make sure that transactions are safe from fraud. Without a specific digital signature, other users can’t change or corrupt the data of one person.

● No one person in charge

In the past, transactions had to be approved by a government, bank, or other governing body. With Blockchain, all users agree to do a transaction, which makes it safer, easier, and faster.

● Automation Capability

It can be programmed and can set off a series of actions, events, and payments when the trigger conditions are met.

Different kinds of blockchains

Medium mentioned that Blockchains come in four different types:

1. Blockchains that are open to the public

Public blockchains are networks of computers that are open and not controlled by a single group. Anyone who wants to request a transaction can use them (check for accuracy). (Miners) get paid for validating transactions.

Proof-of-work or proof-of-stake are two ways that public blockchains come to a decision .The Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin blockchains are two well-known examples of public blockchains.

2. Blockchains for private use

Private blockchains are not open to everyone; there are limits on who can use them. People who want to join must ask the system administrator for permission. They are usually run by one group, which means they are centralized. For example, Hyperledger is a private blockchain that only certain people can use.

3. Hybrid blockchains or groups of blockchains

There are both private and public blockchains in a consortium. They have parts that are centralized and parts that are not.

No one can figure out if these are two different words or not. Some people think they are different, while others think they are the same.

4. Sidechains

A sidechain is a separate kind of blockchain that runs alongside the main chain. It lets users move digital assets between two different blockchains. This thing makes the system more scalable and improves how well it works. The Liquid Network is a type of sidechain.

What are the pros and cons of Blockchain?

 Like all kinds of technology, Blockchain has pros and cons that you should think about.


One of the top things about blockchains is that they can provide a high level of security. Because of this, blockchains can also protect sensitive data from online transactions. Blockchain technology is also good for people who want to make transactions quickly and easily. In fact, it only takes some minutes, while other ways of making a transaction can take days. There is also no interference from banks or government agencies, which is something that many users see as a benefit.


Public and private keys are used in Blockchain and cryptography, but they are said to have caused problems. If a person loses their important key, they have to deal with a lot of problems. This is one problem with blockchains. The fact that each node can only handle a certain number of transactions is another problem. Because of this, it can take hours to finish multiple transactions and other tasks. 

How to Put Your Money in Blockchain Technology?

Investing in blockchain technology and stocks can be a good way to make money, and there are some steps you can take to make your first blockchain investment purchase. When people think about investing in blockchain technology, Bitcoin is usually the first thing that comes to mind. Some apps and services that are still in the planning stages are also using blockchain technology to raise money. As an investor, you can also buy coins with the hope that their prices will go up if the service or app becomes popular. You can also invest in blockchain technology by putting money into startups that use Blockchain. Lastly, you can always put your money into blockchain technology by itself.


Even though we only scratched the surface of the industry-wide potential of blockchain applications in this article, there are more and more job opportunities in this field every day. Any professional should always try to be one step ahead of the game. The Professional Blockchain Certificate Program in Blockchain is the newest and most up-to-date course in this growing field.

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