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iPad-Specific Functions New Tablet Owners Should Know

by Nathan Zachary

Tablets are hardly a new product in 2022, and those already familiar with the functions of an iPhone are going to find that using the iPad comes quite naturally to them. After all, the iPhone and iPad used to have the same operating systems, which have now been switched to platform-specific ones in order to accommodate the new features of the iPad. On the other hand, those looking to buy an iPad are in for a treat as well.


Before we get into the new features of an iPad, it’s important to state that, just like any gadget, it can serve you well and long only if it’s well maintained.

In order to improve the performance and longevity of your new iPad, the first and obvious step would be to avoid spilling any liquid on it, as it can damage the display and interface, or even potentially short-circuit the iPad. If it becomes smudgy, use the exact same method you would be using on your glasses to clean the screen.

Also, avoid overburdening your devices with unnecessary stress to keep their battery from running low. While Apple iPads – iPad Air and similar devices are quite capable of performing well under pressure, you might want to avoid using unnecessary apps, lower the level of brightness or turn off your Wi-Fi if you’re simply using your iPad to read.

The magic keyboard

The latest version of the iPad comes with new and improved keyboard features, allowing you to easily adapt your keyboard to your typing style and individual preferences. Now, there is the option to use the floating keyboard, which will allow you to seamlessly use the keyboard no matter what you are doing and without obscuring any content, unlike the traditional keyboard.

Another new option is using the split-keyboard feature to type in whatever you need as easily as if you were using an iPhone. This feature will basically split the keyboard and send its two parts to the opposite sides of the device enabling you to write just by using your thumbs. The keys on the keyboard also stand for more than one letter or symbol, and you can alternate between the two by simply swiping down from the key.

Multitasking has never been so easy

Allowing for a completely new way of using the iPad, the multitask feature lets you open and actively use more than one application at any given time.

This can be done with the Slide Over method, where one app sits atop another, or by using Splitview, which lets you use two apps side by side. These options can be accessed through the following menu: Settings > Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking.

Once the feature is activated, the possibilities are endless as you will also be able to drag and drop text or pictures from one app to another or save in a completely new context.


Apple is known for how well its products are interconnected and integrated with one another, and the iPad doesn’t disappoint. If you have another device that has access to Wi-Fi, you can pair it with your iPad and copy and paste from one device to the other as if you were using the same screen, or continue using an app on one device after you’ve stopped using it on the other.

The Sidecar is another feature most iPad and Mac users are going to be excited about. By using this feature, you can essentially turn your iPad into a second display, free of charge and wireless.

You can also use your iPad to charge the apple pen, which you can then use to scribble or draw as you see fit, and the text will then be converted into readable text. Neat, huh?


With a portable electronic device, there’s always a risk of forgetting it at a cafe to never find it again, or of the device being stolen, but few products are as brilliant when it comes to security as the newest version of the iPad.

The previously applauded integration of multiple devices lets you track your iPad’s location in real-time if you have another Apple device (or if you can borrow one) and if it’s in your close vicinity, you can even trigger a sound which will help you find the device you’ve lost.

To add another layer of security, you can also lock your device under a password, limit access to personal information (if anyone tries to access it, the iPad will simply suggest they return it to the owner), or effectively render the device unusable.

There’s more

While it’s sure that what we’ve described here has got any Apple enthusiast excited, the features listed here are by no means exhaustive and it is sure that the iPad has many more features to offer, with or without the incoming updates.

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