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iPhone Camera Not Working? Here Is The Genuine Fix

by Nathan Zachary
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The camera on an iPhone is its most vital component. Wide panoramas, stunning portraits, movie videos, and more can be captured. One of the main functions of your iPhone is lost when the camera is damaged. I’ll explain how to fix the issue if your mobile phone camera is damaged or black in this article.

Is the camera on my iPhone damaged?

We still don’t know if a hardware or software issue with your iPhone is responsible for your camera problem. Contrary to popular belief, many software errors can be a problem. Your iPhone camera may not work properly or appear black due to a software crash, an outdated iOS version, or a faulty app.

You can identify and address the real cause of your iPhone camera malfunction by following the steps below. Cleaning the camera and fixing minor software issues will be our priority. If those steps don’t solve the problem, we suggest going to iphone camera repair auckland.

Clean The Lens Of The Camera

If your case is securely fastened, dust or other particles may be blocking the lens and rendering your iPhone’s camera inoperable. A camera lens can quickly become clogged with gunk or lint, especially if your iPhone is kept in your pocket for the majority of the day.

Close all iPhone applications

When an app crashes, it can lead to a lot of smartphone software issues. It’s possible that the iPhone’s camera isn’t working if the Camera app or another app crashed in the background. Closing an app that has crashed on your smartphone might fix the issue!

When the app switcher is on, use your finger to swipe your apps from the top right of the screen down.

Once all of your apps are closed, access the Camera app again to check if it has resumed functioning. Continue to the following step if it’s not working or is still black.

Reboot your iPhone.

If you reboot your iPhone, all of your applications will have the opportunity to close and start over. This can occasionally fix a minor software problem that is causing problems with your iPhone camera.

Hold down the power button for a few seconds to bring up Slide To Power Off if your iPhone lacks Face ID. To see Slide To Power Off on a smartphone with Face ID, hold and press the side button as well as either volume button at the same time.

To turn your iPhone off after seeing the power slider, you must swipe the red and white power symbol from left to right. Tap the power button (for iPhones without Face ID) or the side button to restart your iPhone after a brief delay (for iPhones with Face ID).

Fixing Third-Party Camera App Issues

Native iPhone applications are typically quite dependable. Apps from independent developers, in particular, are frequently more prone to crashes and bugs. If you’ve noticed that using a third-party camera app stops the iPhone camera from working, the issue may be with that app.

While the built-in Camera app is what we advise using, there are a few things you can try if you prefer to continue to use your third-party camera app.

Check your app first for updates. You may be utilizing an old version of the application, which may be more prone to computer crashes. Launch the App Store, then tap the account icon in the top right corner of the display. The collection of your applications that have updates available is further down. If your third-party camera appears in that list, click Update to the right of it.

Go to your Home screen, select the app’s icon, and hold it there until a drop-down menu appears to uninstall the app. To remove an app from your iPhone, tap Disable App -> Delete App -> Delete.

Open the App Store and select the Search tab from the bottom of the screen after the app has been uninstalled. To reinstall a third-party camera app, type its name into the search bar and then tap the application button (which resembles a tiny blue cloud icon).

Consider trying a different app or switching to the built-in Camera app if the third-party app continues to break your camera.

Resolve Options

Your iPhone may need to be repaired if none of the software troubleshooting steps we provided resolved the camera issue. Take your iPhone to your neighborhood App Stores to see if they can resolve the problem for you if it is still under warranty. To avoid any lengthy lines at the Apple Store, schedule an appointment with the Genius Bar beforehand.

No Apple Store in the area? Apple also offers support by phone, mail, and online channels!


Hopefully, your camera is working properly again so you can resume taking amazing selfies. With this fix, you’ll be ready the next time your smartphone camera crashes or goes completely dark! And in case of any problem iphone water damage repair Auckland helps you in different ways.

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