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iPhone or Samsung? Comparison of smartphones from both manufacturers

by Nathan Zachary

Wondering which is better – iPhone or Samsung? The situation in the smartphone market is changing so dynamically that it is sometimes difficult to keep up. If you are in a dilemma about which of the leading smartphone manufacturers to choose, this guide is worth reading. We’ll help you choose the right phone.

Why iPhone vs Samsung?

It is no coincidence that we decided to look at phones from these manufacturers. For a long time, both Apple and Samsung have been clear market leaders – especially in Europe. Both brands record the best results when it comes to sales. They are also considered to be innovative brands that are the first to introduce novelties, which after some time will also become a standard for competitors.

Those who follow the smartphone market for a long time may remember what a stir Apple caused by presenting its new phones, devoid of the “home” button or jack socket. Samsung, on the other hand, has been extremely successful in promoting waterproof housing, even at a time when it was not a standard in flagships. Undoubtedly, both companies have earned their current reputation and the trust of users. But what will be a better choice now – Samsung or iPhone?

iPhone or Samsung – a comparison of flagship models

First, we’ll take the best of the best:

  • The Apple brand will be represented in this case by the iPhone 14 Pro.
  • As the second flagship, we will present the Samsung S21 Ultra.

In both cases, we are talking about a phone that costs over LKR 465,000. How do flagship models from the most popular manufacturers compare?

Samsung flagships vs iPhone – resolution, and RAM

In both cases, we are dealing with a massive, large smartphone with a large high-resolution screen. The display sizes are 6.7 inches for the iPhone and 6.8 inches for the Samsung phone, respectively.

The Pro version of the phone from Apple has less RAM – 6 GB, compared to 12 GB in the case of Samsung. Does this translate into performance and smoothness of operation? Doubtful. It is worth remembering that phones have different processors and run different

operating systems, so the amount of RAM alone is not an indicator of the advantage of one phone. Without a doubt, both flagships run extremely fast compared to other models.

Samsung vs iPhone flagships – camera and integration with other devices

Samsung, unlike the Apple phone, also boasts the ability to record video in 8K resolution. Of course, it makes an impression, but so far it remains untranslated into a specific application. While we are used to 4K media, the equipment to play this resolution is easily available and inexpensive, in the case of even higher resolution, it is still the melody of the future.The advantage of the iPhone, however, may be simple and extremely intuitive integration with other equipment from this manufacturer – AirPods headphones, MacBook computers or Apple Watch watches. It must be admitted that the American giant from Cupertino has perfected the coherence of its ecosystem.

Samsung vs iPhone flagships – similarities

On the side of the biggest advantages of the flagship smartphone models of both brands, the following should certainly be mentioned:

  • waterproof housing,
  • 5G connectivity
  • fast charging function,
  • excellent camera image quality.

iPhone or Samsung – comparison of other models

Not all smartphone users feel like stocking up on flagship products, especially on launch day. Samsung has known this for a long time, offering many mid-range models and budget solutions. Apple much later began to offer differentiated solutions. Nevertheless, in both cases, the effect is that the portfolio is rich and the number of models available for sale is impressive.

Samsung or iPhone – what to choose?

It is difficult to clearly indicate which of the leading manufacturers has a clear advantage. In the end, many factors that are very subjective can determine the choice:

  • design evaluation,
  • greater trust in the Android operating system or in the iOS system,
  • habits,
  • reviews and opinions of family and friends.

Any Apple or Samsung phone will be a good choice because they are reputable brands that have excellent products. Perhaps Samsung has a more diverse offer and a larger selection of models, but Apple convinces more with a list of compatible devices and their easy integration.

There are no easy solutions or unequivocal assessments here, but it’s not a problem. Regardless of your decision, you will definitely be satisfied with the phone.

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