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Facebook messenger API pricing

Nowadays, business acumen isn’t the only thing that’s going to get your business going. You need to have the foresight to get ahead in the competitive industry. This can happen by envisioning a more streamlined way of doing businesses via its promotion on social media platforms. After all, you have to master the social space to make people shout your business from the rooftops. 

Often, there is a question that pops up in this regard at the offset. Is the Facebook messenger API pricing feasible? Is the Facebook messenger API expensive or free of cost? Well, over the next few minutes, you will have all your doubts addressed through this article. 

Pricing of Facebook messenger API

The Facebook messengers graph API is free for use. However, the moment there are intricacies introduced, additional fees will be c together. This is based on different types of interactions done or data requests made on Facebook. At the same time, it is the conversations API that rules the roost. It enables a business organization to strike unlimited conversations with the users. This is valid across all channels and can drive engagement. However, it comes with a per-user associated costing. 

For example, in an hour you can make a maximum of 200 multiplied by the number of users API requests. Anything over and above that is chargeable. 

Features of Facebook messenger

1- Insights in real time

There is a reason that the world is shifting to the online medium to conduct their business. With increasing digitisation, it has become imperative that the businesses also adjust and adapt according to the current times. What is the most important highlight for customer retention? It is understanding the preferences of your customers. In this way, you can optimize your return on investments through efficient functioning and callbacks. 

2- Myriad features

Since the Facebook messenger API has a host of opportunities for businesses, you can add different dimensions. this helps in the promotion of your conversations with the customers via different formats. This includes texts, audio format files, video format files. You can also enable the location sharing option. The customers are bound to stay long with you, this way.

3- Optimizing delivery rates

With the Facebook messenger API, the businesses have the feasibility of optimizing their delivery rates. In this way, the messages are sent to the customers, sealed and delivered along with being read. 

4- API sandbox feature

It is easy for the businesses to streamline everything via the messages API sandbox feature. Almost anything could be created and tested on different platforms such as WhatsApp apart from Facebook

Requisites of Facebook Messenger for E-Commerce

1- Streamlined conversations

As they say the show must go on. Therefore, one of the major features that Facebook messenger API offers businesses is the streamlined conversations. The shopping experience can be made better for customers with the help of virtual assistants. 

2- Lower people abandoning cart

With the help of the Facebook messenger API, the businesses can quickly resolve the concerns of the customers. In this way there are lesser chances of them abandoning the items in their cart. 

3- Analyzing intent of shoppers

It is easier to analyze the intent of the shoppers through a Facebook messenger API. You could have their doubts addressed and the purchase process streamlined. It becomes easier to help understand their requirements and supply them accordingly. 

4- Extending real-time support

There are thousands of businesses in the virtual space that cater to their customers. But what the customers are really looking for is cutting-edge technology. They want this to assists them in the entire process of their shopping journey. This is possible through the Facebook messenger API where you can assist the shoppers in their journey in full. 

5- Validating identity of consumers

Nowadays, it is extremely normal to be duped in the face of crazy market competition. Therefore even for businesses, an efficient and smooth onboarding is essential. You can verify and authenticate the identity of the customers easily with the help of Facebook messenger API. 

6- Personalizing shopper experience

What better way to do business than to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers! You can give the shoppers different types of support. This includes voice help or through the in-app customized messaging to cater to their needs. 

Facebook messenger API for the rule

Gone are the days when you had to take out a contact book to send messages to the customers. With the easy pricing of Facebook messenger API you can easily reach the customers globally. This can happen with a single-channel API that transcends across platforms. With the conversations API, you will only be paying for what you use. Since it is a pay per user algorithm, that makes it extremely cheap for high-volume messages sent by big business organizations. 

There is no need for businesses anymore to rely on subscription plans either. Users will be charged at the end of the month. It depends upon the number of unique customers interacted with.  Along with that, the media storage allows the businesses to experiment with the format of messages used. It could be a video format or an audio format that keeps the conversation interesting.  If the same user is active and approachable on different platforms, you will still have to pay only on

It is with this feature that you can drive a new generation E-commerce that includes conversational commercial transactions. Thus, it is time to meet the new tech savvy customer base. Do this with the Facebook search, advertisements or creation of profiles that boost the confidence of customers. Make them want  to do business with you. In order to acquire your new customer base, all you need to do is get your leads from the click on the ads that lead directly to the Facebook messenger. 

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