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Is Marijuana Makes Me Hungry?

by Nathan Zachary

We’ve all read about hunger, but do they exist? The majority of us 

 who have smoked cannabis or consumed edibles will notice an increase in hunger and a craving for junk food.

Is the never-ending hunger genuine, or is your brain deceiving you? We investigate what science has to say about cannabis and hunger.

How Does Marijuana Affect Appetite?

Why does marijuana make you hungry? To unravel the enigma of hunger, we must first understand how marijuana works with the body.

  1. Cannabinoids are chemical substances found in cannabis. CBD and THC are the two most prevalent cannabinoids.
  2. Cbd enters the circulation and attaches to receptors all over the brain and nervous system. These receptors were part of the cannabinoid system of the body.
  3. The endocannabinoid system regulates the body’s processes, including hunger, by utilizing cannabinoids produced by the body.

THC and CBD interact with the cannabinoid and modify the body’s natural signals when they enter the body. THC, for example, is well-known for its psychoactive effects.

THC has been shown in studies to stimulate hunger in two ways. THC first attaches to cannabinoid receptors in the portion of the brain that controls appetite when it enters the brain. It stimulates your brain and makes you feel hungry even if you aren’t hungry. THC can also attach to stomach receptors, causing the stomach to produce a hormone that alerts the brain that it is hungry. Both usually occur at the same moment.

What Is the Function of Normal Hunger Cues?

Hunger is controlled by the brain, which uses neurotransmitters and hormones as communication methods between the body, the central nervous system, and the digestive tract. When levels of blood sugar fall, the body produces ghrelin, which instructs the brain to produce the transmitter neuropeptide Y. (NPY). NPY then leads the brain to experience hunger.

Your sugar levels rise as food begins to break down after eating. The body produces another leptin, hormone, which instructs the brain to cease producing NPY. So the sensation of hunger has passed.

While eating (or not eating) generally causes chemical signaling in the body, it is possible to interrupt those signals, which is precisely what cannabis does.

How Much Food Will You Consume?

Given the foregoing arguments, beginning cannabis users may be concerned that they will continue to take cannabis until they become ill. However, this is not always the case. Remember that while marijuana might cause you to feel hungry, it cannot force you to eat.

According to research, cannabis improves the flavor of meals. THC has been shown in animal studies to enhance the smell sense. Because scent is strongly related to flavor, consuming cannabis can improve both smell and taste, theoretically preparing dinner taste better.

Simultaneously, research into THC’s impact on taste sensations indicates that CBD can boost the brain’s reward regions. Not only can the body taste and smell food properly, but it also increases the enjoyable sense of eating. Cannabis, in essence, leads the mind to over-reward eating.

Is it safe to assume that if you use cannabis, you will consume all of the food in your home? No. It simply means you’ll feel hungrier than you would if you didn’t take cannabis. That, and the stuff you eat, will make you happier.

As usual, practice self-control and recognize whether what your brain tells you isn’t always correct. The worst-case scenario is that you overeat junk food and feel lethargic the next day.

Obesity and Cannabis Users

It’s natural to believe that consuming cannabis will result in weight gain. After all, if you’re continuously seeking junk food and feeling better when you eat it, why wouldn’t you gain some weight?

That is not entirely correct. The link between marijuana and weight is intricate and poorly understood. Cannabis users, on average, have a lower body mass index (BMI) than non-users. That implies cannabis is unlikely to cause weight gain.

There is evidence that cannabis may accelerate metabolism, resulting in moderate weight reduction. Cannabis also reduces stress, which has been related to weight growth. Cannabis usage, whatever the method, is connected with a reduced BMI.

Some people even prefer to consume cannabis while exercising, believing that it allows them to exercise more frequently, more fiercely, or recover faster. Certain marijuana strains are known to invigorate and awaken consumers. Terpenes like limonene and pinene are commonly found in these strains. Simultaneously, THCV, a minor endocannabinoid, reduces rather than increases hunger. The cannabinoid THCV is not present in considerable concentrations in most strains, although there is a handful that does. There is even some evidence that Cannabinoids may aid with weight loss.

How to Manage Hunger When Using Marijuana

You can’t entirely regulate your hunger with or without cannabis. However, there are methods you may do to decrease the power hunger has over you after quitting smoking.

The simplest thing to do is remember why you are hungry. If you know you’re not hungry before using cannabis, any symptoms of hunger might be ignored as cannabis effects. Ignoring your appetite is simpler said than done, but having nutritious snacks on hand and recognizing that you don’t need to eat helps in this process.

It’s also vital to understand that cannabis enhances your taste and smell as well as the rewarding experiences you get from eating. You may take advantage of this by choosing healthier choices that taste and smell better with marijuana. Alternatively, you may satisfy your sweet appetite while restricting your junk food intake. Remember that consuming less junk food will nonetheless seem more satisfying since it causes your brain to produce more dopamine than normal.

What Should You Consume When You’re Hungry?

There are things that you can eat without jeopardizing your fitness regimen. Some nutritious meals may even improve your overall experience.

Fruit and nuts are excellent choices if you want to avoid weight gain or some of the other negative impacts of sugary foods, such as acne. The fruit contains enough sugar to fulfill sweet appetites, while nuts can satisfy desires for salty and fatty meals. Combine them to make delectable combinations such as trail mix or apples & peanut butter. Remember that everything you eat will probably taste much better with weed.

Finally, it is advisable to plan ahead of time. If you know you’re going to use cannabis, prepare some healthy meal options so you don’t grab that bag of chips or order delivery. A little forethought will help you preserve your waistline as well as your pocketbook.

Remember, you’re in charge, and the munchies may even be a healthful and joyful experience with a few careful decisions.

The material on this page, as well as any images or charts contained, are only for educational reasons. This material is not intended to be a substitute for or to replace, professional medical or legal guidance, treatment, or prescription. If you have any issues or questions concerning legislation, rules, or your safety, you should always seek the advice of a lawyer, doctor, or another qualified expert.

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