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The Shark steam cleaner is a sophisticated device. It’s designed to use only water, yet fights even the toughest of stains, streaks and smudges. The tap water is boiled in the boiler. The vapor is then released through a very high pressure valve. There is no doubt that such a high temperature will kill any microbe. Plus, there’s no doubt that the high pressure reaches even the toughest spots. But the question of safety is also very important. How can a person be sure that this device is safe to use? Since the cleaner works with boiling hot water, it’s only natural that people would be concerned about their safety. Burns hurt and leave scars, and the last thing anyone wants is to hurt themselves while brushing. So what makes the Shark steam cleaner safe to use?

Steel construction

The stainless steel construction ensures that the boiling water is safely contained inside the device. Unlike the Shark, other cleaners use aluminum. But stainless steel is also used for industrial boilers. Engineers around the world trust in its properties. The boiling water stays safely in the steel and can only escape through the pressure valve. This makes the product reliable and safe to use.

The safety cap is also cleverly designed. Once the tap water is filled, the cap is tightly closed. The cap cannot be opened while the steam cleaner is in use. This means that a person will not burn himself when cleaning. The design of the Shark is so perfected that there is absolutely no risk for the user. Every aspect of how the product works has been thoroughly tested. Boilers have been around for many years, and their design is safe. The same type of boiler is used in the Shark cleaner – a product that has worked flawlessly for hundreds of years.

It is important to note that the cleaner must cool down before water can be added. As with any other device that works with high pressure, the safety instructions must be read before use.

The Shark steam cleaner is safe to use. All necessary safety precautions are taken to ensure that there is absolutely no risk in using the cleaner. Stainless steel is used instead of aluminum because of its incredible durability. The safety Dampfanlage  cap ensures that the boiling water stays inside at all times. Proper care of the product is a must. Because of this , it’s important to read the instructions rather than throw them away . Using the steamer is not difficult or complicated. However, cooling before refilling should be familiar to every user. Because of this, reading the guide is a must.

The big problem with hard boiled eggs

You probably don’t know that there is a major problem with the way we make hard boiled eggs in this country and possibly a good part of the rest of the world. As a person who attended a cooking school in Bavaria, Germany 47 years ago and loves to cook, I was always annoyed when I removed the shell from a hard-boiled egg. The shell of a hard-boiled egg is generally very reluctant to leave the house, fighting back and sometimes forcing the peeler to take part of the egg with it. I am sure you have had this experience.

While walking through the self-service area at a Chinese buffet restaurant, I noticed the tray of hard-boiled eggs. The eggs are always flawless, white and shiny, with no nicks. I’ve noticed this many times, but the thought of how they do it never crossed my mind until recently. How do you do that?

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