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Keeping Your Car’s Interior Clean: Learn How to Do it Naturally

by Nathan Zachary
Keeping Your Car’s Interior Clean: Learn How to Do it Naturally

You might have a strict home cleaning regimen that you swear by. But do you know of the right ways to keep a car’s interior clean? While you probably wash the car once in a while to clean the bird droppings. Chances are you wouldn’t know how to keep the interiors clean. Never mind, as we have you all covered here. Apart from car exterior cleaning, one must also know how to maintain car interior hygiene as well.

8 Fail-Proof Ways to Keep Car’s Interior Sparkling

  1. Collect all the Debris and Rubbish from the Car Interiors

Check all the car seat pockets and door pockets to collect trash and rubbish. Also, look for trash inside the cup holders and floorboards to either dispose of them or recycle them. Take out the toys, car seats and all other car accessories. 

  1. Remove the Floor Mats and Clean Them

Car floor mats are probably the dirtiest item inside the car which demands thorough cleaning. Take out the floor mats to ensure convenient cleaning. You can rely on the best car vacuum cleaner India to clean every floor mat before you start cleaning. After cleaning the floor mat, avoid placing them on the dirty ground. Rather place them on a clean dry cloth.

How to Clean Carpeted Mats?

You can either invest in a carpet cleaner or even an upholstery cleaner to clean the carpeted mats. Visit a car-modified accessories store to buy such cleaning solutions. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions to use them for cleaning the mats.

How to Clean Rubber/Vinyl/Silicone Mats?

  • Take a hose to wash the excess soil from these mats. 
  • Mix warm water with some drops of dishwashing liquid.
  • Use this effective and easy solution to clean the car mats.
  • Rinse the mats well and allow them to air-dry before you keep them back in the car.

Clean the Mirrors and Interior Windows

Count on a microfiber cloth dipped in an ammonia-less commercial window cleaning solution to clean the hazy windows. You can also DIY car window cleaner by combining 1:1 diluted dish soap solution with water. This solution is great at eliminating grime, fingerprints and dust. Gently, lower the windows and begin cleaning from the top portion. Work your way down so you can also catch the drips.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Clean the Car Seats and Floors

The best vacuum cleaner India is the best device that can help you to vacuum the front seats and the back seats. Besides, the vacuum cleaner can also clean the car floor and trunk as well. Use the device to clean every inch of the car interior, wherever you can reach with the device’s nozzle. Do not forget to vacuum the side door panels or under the pedals as well.

Use a Cloth to Wipe off the Dust and Grime

After vacuuming, take a soft cloth or even cleaning wipes to wipe away the dust and dirt. You can always rely on a DIY cleaning solution to clear the steering wheels and the space between the seats to get back the original look of your car. 

Make Sure to Keep the Clean the Cup Holders

Cup holders are breeding spots for grime, owing to the spilled coffee and dead hair that settles inside. Dip a cotton swab in a DIY cleaning solution to clean the cup holders thoroughly. In some cars, the cup holders are 100% removable, so you can experience easy cleaning.

Eliminate the Stains

If you find stained carpets on car seats, make sure to remove them immediately before they act stubborn and refuse to go. Make a solution of 1 tablespoon dish soap, 1 cup of white vinegar and about 2 cups of water. Put the solution inside a spray bottle and spray it on the carpet or seat stains. Allow the solution to rest for an approx.15 minutes. Thereafter, it is time to wipe the stain clean using a clean wet cloth. 

Say Good Bye to Pet Dander

If you have a pet dog, cat, bunny or guineapig, you would know the struggle of removing pet hair from your car. If your vacuum gives up on removing the pet fur and hair completely, you can always use rubber gloves. Wear gloves and brush the hair with your hand. You would see the pet hair adhering to the glove effectively. To keep your car seat pet-damage free, you can, however, invest in various car-modified accessories like waterproof seat protectants.

How Frequently Must You Clean Your Car Interior?

To maintain the hygiene of your car, you must clean your car’s interior every month. However, you must get on the cleaning task as soon as you notice food particles or dog hair inside the car. If you have small kids and pets who accompany you on various trips, you must clean the car’s interior every week. 

Get into the habit of regular maintenance and cleaning the car’s interior once every month. This will make sure there isn’t any trash and dust accumulation anywhere inside the car. Deep cleaning the car’s interior once a fortnight might sound challenging but they aren’t as tedious as you might think.

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