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Know about High Pressure Interior Laminate Panels

by Nathan Zachary

High pressure laminates are plastic laminates that come with a backer which makes the finishing of the slatwalls much more durable. Products like high pressure laminate wall panels, high pressure laminates on dressing tables, drawers, cupboards, furniture like smart engineered hydraulic bed and seater are taking the markets for interiors by storm, because of its durability, ease of installation, easy maintenance and good finish appearance. Interior laminate panels are either hot compressed or cold compressed to the wood, plywood or the veneer wood on the visible surface or side of the item. This not only acts as an appearance enhancer but also serves the purpose of protecting the material beneath the panel. 

High Pressure Laminate Wall Panels

A wall panel is a single cut piece of material which is usually rectangular in shape that is used in architectural designs especially in the interiors as visibles that cover the surface of the wall. These wall panels are used for the decoration of the walls, for creating false ceiling and wall racks and shelves. Furthermore these wall panels are also used in door, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furnitures. So, there is an extensive usage of these wall panels which makes quality and affordability a crucial aspect of architecture and construction. If one were to use wall panels, it is best recommended to use high pressure laminate wall panels because they are highly durable, come with better insulation and are far sturdier than ply or painted woods. 

Interior Laminate Panels

A laminate is the polished water resistant finishing layer that is superimposed on plywood, particle board, MDF, furniture, flooring and wall panels. These are typically high engineered materials made by compressing together – one above the other – thin flat paper layers and resins. Interior laminate panels are durable and sturdy interior architectural solutions that are used in layering the visible surface ply or the veneer wood of doors, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cupboards, furniture like tables, sofas, dining tables and many more. These interior laminate panels such that moisture and thawing cycles don’t affect their quality. These are built to resist moisture and temperature fluctuations which makes them a great choice for interior constructions. 

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