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Know How Your Split Ac Works?

by Nathan Zachary

Everyone knows about split systems and window air conditioners. Though more are being released, these two remain our favorites. This page explains how a split system AC works.

Split-system air conditioners now account for roughly 70% of the market. According to Wholesale Air Con, as purchasers, we want the newest split AC technology. To understand why a split system air conditioner is thus named, consider its purpose. Regular AC maintenance helps avoid costly repairs.

1.Split System Air Conditioner Information

 A split system’s outside unit includes refrigerant. Compressors pressurize refrigerant gas. Gas travels via multiple ducts or tubes in ducted AC. This becomes liquid. Through the expansion joint, the liquid becomes gas. This generates heat. The refrigerant gas is used to chill air at low temperatures. Gas flows back into the compressor, continuing the cyclical process. Room air travels via evaporator coils. These coils chill the air with ultra-cold gas.

An air conditioner’s thermostat controls the temperature, and air stays in the evaporator until the required temperature is reached. It’s blown in.

Your split system AC draws in heated air, cools it, and then blows it back into the room. Moisture in the room condenses and is evacuated through an exterior drain pipe. Wholesale Air Con’s AC repair services will help if your air conditioner’s cooling is impaired by a faulty condenser.

2. What Is Split Ac?

Air conditioners with two parts are called split systems. The air handler, which contains the evaporator coil, is within a metal cabinet. The outside unit’s condenser and compressor are linked by a pipe or duct. In central air conditioning, ducts link rooms to an outside unit. Split central air conditioners are more energy-efficient. Split AC repair is easier and cheaper than packaged AC repair.

Now that you know how a split system air conditioner works, discover how it differs from a packaged unit.

3. Split Vs. Packed

  • A packed unit’s construction differs from a split system’s. The unit’s components are bundled together. This means all the elements including the thermostat, condenser, compressor, and evaporator are present in the same steel cabinet.
  • Split unit is a space saver and easier to install since it can be positioned anywhere in your basement or simply on the other side of the wall. On the other hand, you need an appropriate roof position for the placement of the packaged unit. 
  • Most companies are now providing Inverter technology in their split systems, making the air conditioning units more energy-efficient and ultra-silent. The inverter split ACs also have the capacity of tolerating voltage or current changes, unlike the packaged units.
  • Air handler of the split systems is located indoors to extend the lifespan of the AC filters and evaporator coils. 
  • If there is a requirement for the AC’s repair, you need not have the specialist enter your home. Depending on the problem, outside repairs can be done without disturbing the interior.

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