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Latest Guide To Fix Epson Error Code 0x97

by Nathan Zachary
Epson Error Code 0x97

Epson brand is among the largest brands in the field of printers, and it provides impressive printing services that follow the most recent trends. However, there are times when you may experience this specific error message that is the Epson printer code 0x97 for various reasons. This article will go over all the issues you’re experiencing with your printer and identify the most suitable possible cause.

A list of the causes behind Epson error code 0x97

The main reasons for the failure of your Epson Printer. We’ll take a look at the following

  • Uncleaned printer parts
  • Weak USB Cable connection
  • Non-upgraded printer driver
  • Technical errors
  • Incorrect orientation of the ink cartridge
  • Internal hardware malfunction

Hacks that work to fix the Epson error code 0x97.

Below is a listing of the most effective solutions to your Epson printer error code of 0x97. So start now.

Cleansing the printer

Cleansing your printer both from the outside and inside is essential. There may be any problem that could be causing problems for your printer, such as pieces of paper that have become stuck in the machine items(roller), dry ink clogging the head sprayer’s nozzles, and sprayers dust that has accumulated on the components. It is possible to resolve the issue by cleaning your printer.

Clean internal printer parts

You can wash your printer’s internals using water and a piece of cloth, and it would help if you took a bottle of lukewarm liquid and a piece of tissue paper or lint-free cloth. Follow these steps to get your printer cleaned with ease:

  • Shut off the Epson Printer.
  • The printer should be opened and gently applied with warm water with a gentle spray and then cleaned using tissue paper or cloth.
  • Also, you could make use of a clean towel that has been soaked in water.
  • Clean all the interior areas that make up the Epson printing device.
  • Be sure to allow enough time for your printer to completely dry.
  • If you believe there’s an internal issue that requires restoration in the rinsing process, then you can do it.
  • Turn onto the Epson Printer.
  • Cleaning the nozzles

Printhead nozzles that have not been cleaned are among the main reasons for this error code for Epson printers (0x97). After the nozzles have been thoroughly cleaned, your Epson printer will begin printing with high quality. Follow this easy method to start:

  • Take the cartridges of ink from inside the Ink Cartridge holder.
  • Very naive, move the printhead out of to the space of cartridge.
  • With a clean cloth, free of lint, that has been immersed in warm water and then squeezed to clear the ink clogged from the sprayer head.
  • The printhead should be submerged in lukewarm water for approximately 10 minutes. Remove the extra water with a dry cloth that is free of lint.
  • The printhead must be dried with air by placing on a piece of tissue paper underneath the printhead for around 15 minutes.
  • Return the printhead onto its Ink Cartridge holder after checking that it’s dry.
  • Make sure you cleanse the printer’s inside and ensure that all dust, dried ink, or stuck paper pieces are removed and cleared away so that the printer’s operation is smooth.

Make physical connections

This is possibly the most straightforward way to resolve Epson printer error code 0x97. Follow this step-by-step instructional method to follow this:

  • Shut off your Epson Printer.
  • Take the cable out of the socket or power source.
  • Unplug all USB cables that connect to the print device.
  • Let your Epson printer remain unattended for five minutes.
  • You now have to press the power button on the Epson printer for at least 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect your device’s USB cable wires and press the Power button.
  • Continue for a further minute, and hold that power button.
  • Release the power button. After a successful reboot, the Epson WF 3640 problem message. The error code 0x97 is gone.

Update Epson Printer Driver

It’s possible to think that upgrading to upgrade your Epson printer driver could be something that takes several hours. It’s not the scenario. We’ve come up with three easy solutions for the Epson error code 0x97. you can choose any of them by your needs

Update Epson Printer Driver on Windows

In the world of technology, each component in your gadget needs to be updated regularly. The same is true for the software that prints. The software for printing must be updated regularly to keep it running at the optimum time to allow it to work correctly.

  • Start”Windows” or “Windows Desktop” to start this process.
  • Find the printer icon in your desktop’s taskbar, then right-click on it.
  • After that, click on “Software upgrade.”
  • Click the “Utility” tab on the printer’s screen settings.
  • After that, choose”Driver update” and then select “Driver upgrade” choice.
  • Another option is that you can drag your cursor from “Start” then “Epson”/”Epson Software,” Then click “Epson Software Updater.”


  • Open the “All Programs” option on the operating system.
  • Select the “Programs” tab, then look for the option “Epson Software.
  • When you right-click on this option, A drop-down menu will open, and you will be able to choose the ‘Epson Software Updater’ option.
  • However, it is possible that you won’t locate this option, so you’ll have to visit the official website, which is the home page of Epson printers.
  • You need to select the Epson printer model from the available models.
  • Install and begin downloads of the software.
  • Click yes whenever a dialogue box appears on the screen to modify the system.
  • After that, click the Agree button, then the OK button.
  • After the ‘Epson Software Updater Utility installation is complete on your computer, simply select the ‘Start’ button in the application.
  • Look for the Update option and click it to update your Epson printer driver to the most recent version.

Thank you, the Epson printer driver is downloading or being upgraded to the most recent features.

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