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League of Legends: Teamfight Tactics 12.17 Patch Notes 

by Nathan Zachary

TFT Mid-set is finally out. What can players expect from Dragonlands Uncharted Realms? 

The Dragonlands’ first set has finally come to a close, and summoners are now entering a new get-up for Patch 12.17. Players with League of Legends accounts will venture into the Dragonlands Uncharted Realms. While many units and traits have been removed from the game, tons of new compositions and characters have taken their place. Check out all the new features on 12.17! 

Uncharted Realms 

Unlike Dragonlands’ fiery and desert-like landscape, Uncharted Realms takes players to an aquatic landscape. New stages and Tiny Legends are based on bodies of water, and a unique trait has been released to mirror this change in scenery. What can gamers expect from this watery environment when playing the new Elo boosting set?  

New Traits 

While the mid-set retains many of the previous origins, Uncharted Realms introduced several new compositions that players might enjoy. However, several earlier synergies and units have been removed to make way for the newer ones. Here are all the origins and classes in 12.17: 


  • Astral – Get an Astral Orb after each player combat and gain bonus Ability Power for your champions. The quality of the orbs scale depends on the star level of Astral units. 
  • Darkflight – The unit placed in a Darkflight Hex will be consumed from the beginning of the round and will distribute their HP and items they have in their possession to random Darkflight champions. Non-craftables and Emblems will be corrupted, turning them into Darkflight Essence. 
  • Dragon – Dragon units provide +3 to chosen traits and will give additional bonuses depending on how many Dragons are active in the team.  
  • Guild – Provide unique bonuses that scale depending on the Guild champion on the field. Members gain double the amount. 
  • Jade – Conjure immobile Jade Statues that provide max HP healing every two seconds and increased attack speed. Upon destruction, these statues will explode, dealing 33% damage based on health to nearby enemy units.  
  • Lagoon – Champions with this trait gain bonus Ability Power and Attack Speed. A Seastone is conjured up at the side of the board that counts how many abilities Lagoon units used and will then drop loots after certain milestones. 
  • Mirage – Mirage units gain different bonuses from game to game. 
  • Monolith – Monolith units mark three hexes 
  • Prodigy – Nomsy receives varying buffs for each game and gets help from one of his former Dragon trainers. These trainers’ will have the same Ability power as Nomsy and will receive significant attack speed after the Dragon is defeated. 
  • Ragewing – Mana is converted into Rage, which is accumulated per hit. After using an ability, units that become enraged gain 25% attack speed for four seconds. Ragewing units also gain Omnivamp during this state. 
  • Scalescorn – Units with this trait get reduced games from enemies with higher health. If your team does not have an active dragon, Scalescorns will deal a percent of their damage as a bonus AP. 
  • Shimmerscale – Obtain exclusive items that scale based on gold.  
  • Tempest – Lightning strikes after eight seconds of combat, stuns enemies for 1 second, and deals a percentage of their max HP. After this, Tempest units gain increased Attack Speed. 
  • Whispers – Units with this trait shrink enemy they attack, which reduces their Armor and Magic Resist by 4% for six seconds. Damaging a shrunken champion provides Whispers with stacking Attack Damage and AP. 


  • Assassin – Innate Ability: Leap into the backline when the round starts. Assassins also gain critical strikes for their abilities and increased Critical Strike Chance and Damage. 
  • Bard – A surviving ally has a chance to produce a Doot, while Bard will invariably create one while dancing. Each stack of this drop increases the chance of getting higher-tier champions from the Shop by 1%. 
  • Bruiser – The whole team gains increased max health, and Bruisers gain double the amount.  
  • Cannoneer – Units with this trait fire a cannon shot every 5th attack, which explodes and deals physical damage around the target. 
  • Cavalier – Innate Ability: Charge quickly towards their target every time they move. Cavs also gain increased Armor and Magic Resist and earn double the amount for four seconds at the start of combat. 
  • Dragonmancer – One Dragonmancer unit can be buffed with the Blessing. This champion gains significantly increased HP and AP, which scales by 20% per star level.  
  • Evoker – Units with this trait gain mana whenever allies and enemies cast abilities. 
  • Guardian – Guardian units provide shields for themselves and their closest ally with a percent of their max HP at 50% health, which occurs once every combat. These shields stack. 
  • Mage – Units with this trait cast abilities twice and have increased AP 
  • Mystic – The team gained increased Magic Resist.  
  • Shapeshifter – Shifters gain bonus max HP after transforming. 
  • Spell Thief – Spell Thief units acquire a new ability at the start of every round and after each cast. 
  • Starcaller – The first unit with this trait that cast their ability in combat heals 2/3/75, which scales based on their star level. Surplus heals disintegrates an enemy champion.  
  • Swiftshot – Innate Ability: Gain two hex Attack Range. Swiftshots gain increased Attack Speed based on the hexes between them and their target. 
  • Warrior – Units with this trait have a 50% chance of increasing the damage of their next attack. 

Other popular traits, such as Revels, Legends, and Dragon Trainers, have been removed to make room for the newer ones. 

All Units Available in Dragonlands Uncharted Realm 

Along with the new traits, additional units have also been added to the current roster. The most prominent ones to be added are from the Darkflight and Lagoon sets. Here are all the new characters for this patch: 

New Units 

  • Aphelios (2 costs) 
  • Graves (4 costs) 
  • Jax (2 costs) 
  • Jayce (4 costs) 
  • Kai’Sa (2 costs) 
  • Lux (2 costs) 
  • Malphite (1 cost) 
  • Nasus (1 cost) 
  • Nilah (4 costs) 
  • Nomsy (6 costs) 
  • Pantheon (4 costs) 
  • Rakan (3 costs) 
  • Rell (2 costs) 
  • Rengar (3 costs) 
  • Seraphine (3 costs) 
  • Sohm (7 costs) 
  • Swain, Dragon Tyran (7 costs) 
  • Talyah (1 cost) 
  • Terra (8 costs) 
  • Wukong (1 cost) 
  • Zac (2 costs) 
  • Zeri (3 costs) 
  • Zippy (6 costs) 
  • Zyra (2 costs) 

Removed Units 

  • Aatrox 
  • Anivia 
  • Ashe 
  • Corki 
  • Elise 
  • Illaoi 
  • Jinx 
  • Kayn 
  • Nami 
  • Neeko 
  • Ornn 
  • Pyke 
  • Ryze 
  • Shen 
  • Sona 
  • Swain 
  • Tahm Kench 
  • Talon 
  • Taric 
  • Thresh 

Units Per Trait 

With so many new characters, it might be harder to track which units belong to which trait. Here are all the available champions per class and origin: 

  • Assassin – Diana, Nilah, Qiyana, and Rengar 
  • Astral – Aurelion Sol, Lux, Nidalee, Skarner, Varus, and Vladimir 
  • Bard – Bard 
  • Bruiser – Jax, Malphite, Olaf, Skarner, Syles, and Sy’fen 
  • Cavalier – Hecarim, Lillia, Nunu, Rell, and Sejuani 
  • Darkflight – Aphelios, Rell, Rengar, and Swain 
  • Dragon – Ao Shin, Aurelion Sol, Daeja, Shi Oh Yu, Shyvanna, Sohm, Swain, Sy’fen, Terra, and Zippy 
  • Dragonmancer – Kai’Sa, Karma, Lee Sin, Sett, Volibear, and Yasuo 
  • Evoker – Aurelion Sol, Lulu, Nomsy, Seraphine, and Zyra 
  • Guardian – Braum, Idas, Leona, Nasus, Rakan, and Zac 
  • Guild – Bard, Jayce, Sejuani, Twitch, and Zippy 
  • Jade – Gnar, Jax, Karma, Shi Oh Yu, Soraka, and Wukong 
  • Lagoon – Kai’Sa, Malphite, Nilah, Seraphine, Sohm, Taliyah, Zac, and Zeri 
  • Mage – Heimerdinger, Lillia, Lux, Nomsy, Sohm, Sylas, Taliyah, Vladimir, and Zoe 
  • Mirage – Daeja, Leona, Nunu, Yasuo, and Yone 
  • Monolith – Terra 
  • Mystic – Bard, Rakan, Seraphine, and Shi Oh Yu 
  • Prodigy – Nomsy 
  • Ragewing – Hecarim, Rakan, Senna, Sett, Shyvanna, and Xayah 
  • Scalescorn – Braum, Diana, Lillia, and Olaf 
  • Shapeshifter – Gnar, Jayce, Nidalee, and Shyvanna 
  • Shimmerscale – Idas, Jax, Nasus, Volibear, and Zoe 
  • Spell Thief – Zoe 
  • Starcaller – Soraka 
  • Swiftshot – Ezreal, Twitch, Varus, and Xayah 
  • Tempest – Ao Shin, Ezreal, Graves, Lee Sin, and Qiyana 
  • Warrior – Olaf, Pantheon, Wukong, Yasuo, and Yone 
  • Whispers – Pantheon, Sylas, Sy’fen, and Zyra 

New Draconic Augments 

Aside from new units and Traits, new augments are integrated into the latest set. Meanwhile, several synergies have been removed since some comps have been removed. Here are all the Draconic Augments in 12.17: 

Tier 1 

  • Darkflight Heart 
  • Lagoon Heart 
  • Soul Siphon 

Tier 2 

  • Base Camp 
  • Birthday Present 
  • Consistency 
  • Darkflight Crest 
  • Dragon Imperialist 
  • Dragonmancer Conference 
  • Essence Theft 
  • Hero-In-Training 
  • High Tide 
  • Lagoon Crest 
  • Oasis 
  • Protectors of the Cosmos 
  • Scoped Weapons I 
  • Terrify 

Tier 3 

  • Age of Dragons 
  • Darkflight Crown 
  • Dragon Soul 
  • Lagoon Crown 
  • Lucky Gloves 
  • Part-Time Assassins 
  • Ragewing Soul 
  • Scoped Weapons II 
  • Woodland Charm 

Dragon Trait Changes 

Most players will notice in this set that you can have two or more Dragons on the board without deactivating the trait. In the previous set, using more than one unit of this trait would nullify the bonuses they get from their synergy. Players need either the Dragon Alliance or Dragon Horde to enable them to run more than one Draconic character. 

In Uncharted Realms, the Dragon Trait can now scale up to 5 levels. Additional units increase the comp’s bonuses, and several Augments directly improve these epic monsters. 

New Order and Chaos Treasure Dragons 

The Treasure Dragon is one of the latest features that players thoroughly enjoy. This reward chest appears in Stage 4-7. In 12.17, two new variants of this feature have been released to make the game much more enjoyable.  

The current version has a Treasure Dragon, Chaos Treasure Dragon, and an Order Treasure Dragon. The first one retains all the previous features it has before. Chaos will display either exceptional items or very mediocre redeems. Meanwhile, Order will contain tons of fantastic loot, like radiant items and heaps of gold.  

Other Changes in Game 

Aside from the latest additions, TFT Ranks will also have a soft reset wherein players drop one tier lower than their previous spot. Those in Master or higher Elos will all be dropped to Diamond four. Ranked rewards in the last set will take a while to get released. 

Double Up, and Hyper Roll will also be getting some tweaks. Double Up players will have an easier time in ranked games since win-streaks are now extented to 12 and will carry over to Diamond Tier. Meanwhile, Hyper Roll will feature Seastone charges from the Lagoon trait, accumulating twice as fast as Standard.  

Check Out Uncharted Realms In-Game 

There are a lot of new features in Patch 12.17, from new units to synergies. Other cosmetics are also available in the Shop, like Tiny Legends from the Uncharted Realm. Make sure to hop into the game and check what you can add to your League of Legends accounts!

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