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Leh Ladakh: Things to do in Ladakh

by Nathan Zachary

Ladakh is known for its unique culture and stunning landscapes. Ice-covered peaks, cold deserts, and glaciers define the landscape. And then there are the magnificent lakes and rivers that attract tourists and offer many opportunities for rafting. Apart from rafting on the river and taking a sightseeing tour of the region, there are some things you can do on a trip to Ladakh that you will not miss. These tourist attractions and activities ensure a fun and exciting trip to Ladakh.

Planning a Leh Ladakh bike trip can be fun and challenging at the same time. What to do, where, how to do it? And almost a lot of questions are added to the mind. So, if you are going to Ladakh for the first time, be sure to get involved in these exciting activities and explore the culture and traditions of the area. Here are the list of  some Leh things to do. 

Hemis Festival – Interesting Interactions

One of the best things you can do on a trip to Ladakh is to see the llamas making colorful Chhams. You have never felt the real spirit and magnetism of Ladakh if ​​you had never seen a dance drama showcasing colorful costumes and awesome masks. Enter the Hemis Festival Ladakh Festival to marvel at the colorful dances. Chham Dance is very popular; people are dancing wearing a mask and dance is a symbol of winning good and bad. 

Khardungla Pass – Visit Highest Cafeteria In The World

One of Ladakh’s unique attractions is Maggie’s place in the world’s highest restaurant. You may have eaten this noodle all over the place, but you did not really enjoy it until you were enjoying a 2-minute noodle overlooking the Himalayan mountains at Khardung La Pass, one of the best car destinations in the world. The fact that the Khardungla Pass has the highest traffic in the world is enough to give you a reason to visit this place.

Yak Cheese – Try Yak Cheese Momos

 The craving yak gives travelers milk, butter, and meat on the table, and there is no other place in the world where you will have the opportunity to try the cheese made with Yak milk. Also called Chhurpi, try it in its own way or as a delicious Yak cheese momos. These should be Leh Ladakh things to do..

 Adventurous Roads – For Fun Seekers

Considered to be the world’s best motorcade For all the adrenaline springs out there, cycling on narrow and rocky terrain should be on your list of dangerous things to do in Ladakh. Your journey is not complete until you have driven the lonely but beautiful roads on a motorcycle with nothing but clouds on top and scary mountains all around. And if you are really in the air, drive to the Khardung-La crossing, at an altitude of 5,602 meters which is one of the best motorcasts in the world. If you want to experience the best of this pass, be sure to schedule your visit here for the months of April to August and September to October

Old School Mills – Peep Into The Past

See that one of the most expensive hands in the world – Pashmina is only made from these old school mills in Ladakh. You can negotiate prices in your city but this is one of the places where you can see magic at work. Additional points if you can find a Pashmina goat for breeding. You will want to take one home with you. Pashmina will give you an idea of ​​the history and artistic aspect of Ladakh. It will also highlight the skills of the artists who live here.

Zanskar Valley Tour – For Daredevils

The valley is located on the outskirts of Ladakh and is one of the most visited places due to its spectacular views. This valley is considered part of the Tethys Himalayas. There are cave castles and walkways covered in an amazing natural environment. You can even come to this site to enjoy a fun river rafting.

Tso Moriri – Chill And Rejuvenate

If you are looking for a place where you can sit back and relax and enjoy the amazing views around you, then a picnic in Tso Moriri can be a great idea. The lake is less famous among the lakes of Changtang Wildlife Sanctuary. However, it is considered to be exactly the same as the famous Pangong Lake. The lake is about 100 feet [100 m] deep and is surrounded by huge hills. Besides the hills, you can see different kinds of plants and animals here.

Magnetic Hill – Startling Experience

The Magnetic Hill in Ladakh is famous for its anti-gravity, as you will see that cars do not seem to be moving in gravity in this area. If you want to see evidence, park your car and watch it go up by itself. Leh is about 30 miles from this hill and a must visit if you are going to explore the attractions of the beautiful tourists! there are legendary stories attached to this hill that make it especially worth exploring

Lamayuru – Perfect For Stargazing

Another Leh thing to do is to visit Lamayuru. If you want to see the stars twinkle while you are sitting among the beautiful mountains, then this is your place. Famous by the name, Moonland of Ladakh, Lumayuru is a place located on the main Srinagar highway to Leh, 100 kilometers from Leh. The area is famous for its Tibetan Buddhist Monastery. This is a place where you can see nature very well. People from different regions come to this place to enjoy the wonderful gifts of nature. Also, some of Ladakh’s most popular resorts are located nearby. Stargazing at this point can be a joy and a memorable experience.

Chadar Trek – Trekker’s Delight

Interested in traveling across frozen sheets? If so, take a Leh Ladakh bike trip package down the Frozen River while visiting Ladakh. As one of the most popular attractions in Ladakh, the experience of this trip is refreshing. You will also capture visuals in the frozen valleys while strolling around here and the tranquil atmosphere will make you love this place. This is one of the best jobs you can do in Ladakh.

Shanti Stupa – Religious Visit

Shanti Stupa in Leh is one of the most famous Tibetan buildings known for its architecture and beauty. Its white dome structure is truly stunning and the landscape offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area. The place will surely give you a great opportunity to refresh your soul amidst the peaceful ambiance of this stupa. The stupa was founded by a famous Japanese Buddhist, Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura in 1991.

Pangong Tso – Truly Breathtaking Sunrise

One of the best things to do in Ladakh is to watch the sunrise in Pangong Tso or Pangong lake. It is a peak of 14,270 ft. above sea level. At an altitude of about 300 ft, most of the lake is located in an independent Tibetan region. Amazing vision and true art of nature. You will see a calm blue sky, and it is cold. This is one of Ladakh’s most spectacular lakes you can find. There is no place to stay here unless you are surrounded by Mother Nature.

Hall Of Fame – Pay Tribute For A Soldier’s Sacrifice

Visiting this magnificent region, though, in the midst of Indo-Pak conflict and non-entry into the military museum is a task you should try to add to your list. The Museum of Fame was built by the Indian Army to commemorate the martyrs of several Indo-Pak wars over the years. The museum is divided into 2 regions, one where arms, ammunition, and weapons are displayed while the other is equipped with military equipment. The displays give you a cold and make you see the dedication of the military in the country.

River Rafting – Satiate The Inner Thrill-Seeker

Another Leh Ladakh things to do.Get ready to organize your indoor fun trash by indulging in one of the best things you can do in Ladakh. River rafting is a popular activity for all the fun seekers who find it attractive and satisfying for your souls, Ladakh has the same routes as Phey to Nimmo that will leave you confused. See for yourself the beauty of this region as you pass through the beautiful villages and palaces of Ladakh which are famous all over the world. Follow all instructions given by your guide and try to stay safe in the boat!

Leh Palace – Witness The Royal Life

Built by Sengge Namgyal, king of Ladakh in the 17th century, Leh Palace is one of the most visited places in India. If you want to hear how the Royals lived, then Leh Palace should be on your list. This palace has nine stories and the highest story takes the royal family and some stories have been used as a repository and as a stable. The museum inside the palace has a collection of royal decorations, jewelry, and ceremonial costumes.

Lehchen – A Peek Into The Nightlife

Ladakh does not have many bars and clubs where you can dance and have a party. The district has a lounge and bar called Lehchen and you can get a refreshing cocktail or two at the venue. Order tandoori momos and a cocktail that suits your taste and enjoy the delightful views this place has to offer. Hangout with locals and start a conversation to find out more about their culture and traditions. Meeting the nightlife is the best thing to do in Ladakh. Try the Lamb strips and yak cheese offered at this great lounge and restaurant!

So these are the list of things to do in Ladakh. So, hurry up, Ladakh is calling! If you can’t stop your adrenaline rush, be sure to indulge in these things you can do in Ladakh by 2022. Highly pristine highlands with lively cultural aesthetics await.

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