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List of Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg Offering You Best Dining Experience

by Nathan Zachary
Best restaurants in Lahore Gulberg

Lahore is rich in history and very progressive in its social and liberal niche. The ancient capital of Punjab still lives up to its glory. There are many historical places such as Lahore Fort, Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, Shalamar Gardens, Mariam Zamani Begum Mosque, and Minaret Pakistan.

We have previously described the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg. Given Lahore’s diverse and sophisticated food culture, it’s worth having a broader perspective. So we did some research, checked the ratings on social media platforms, and finally found the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg.

Lahore Rooftop Restaurant: Monal Lahore

The list of the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg would not be complete without Monal Lahore. The food chain has opened a gorgeous terrace outlet for La Hollis’ rooftop fine dining experience. Like Monal in Islamabad, Lahore’s eateries have a similar reputation for good food and great locations. You can find it at Plaza Liberty Park and Ride in Lahore.

The fusion menu offers customers Continental, Oriental, Pakistani and other cuisines. There is a special offer for families with a price range between Rs 2365 to 2885. Apart from individual meals, you can also try lunch buffets, Sunday brunch, individual platters, and lunches at Khum Hai Shai in Lahore. You can finish off with cream.

Serving mouth-watering cuisine, the rooftop restaurant is the perfect combination you want. The restaurant also offers catering services available. A great place for family, friends, and weekend get-togethers. At that time, it was highly rated by both domestic and foreign tourists. So the perfect atmosphere and delicious food make Monal a must-visit place in Lahore.

Mandarin Kitchen: Best Chinese Restaurant in Lahore

Next up is Mandarin Kitchen, an eatery on the list of the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg because it believes in serving authentic and vibrant Thai and Chinese cuisine to its customers. It has been hailed as the best Asian restaurant in Lahore for its taste and presentation. You can find the food stall at his DHA Level III in Lahore.

As the name suggests, Mandarin Kitchen serves delicious Chinese and Thai cuisine. For example, you can choose from Chinese classics, Asian signatures, small plates, soups, salads, and noodles. Try chicken, beef, and seafood, as well as vegetarian options. It also has a live Korean menu and Korean tapas to satisfy your Korean food cravings. One Korean food set will cost you up to 2500 rupees per person.

A variety of desserts are also available to complement the sweet treats. Pan Asia Catering offers both food and service. If you don’t want to dine in, we can also have your food delivered to your preferred location. Comfortable and vibrant al fresco dining at the Mandarin Kitchen complements the overall delicious dining experience. So if you’re a fan of Asian cuisine, Mandarin Kitchen is the place to skip in Lahore.

Turkish Restaurant in Lahore

With the turkey craze in Pakistan, how can you forget to mention Turkish restaurants? Food Delivery successfully delivers authentic Turkish cuisine to your city of Lahore. If you are not yet familiar with the taste of Turkey, you can find this wonderful restaurant on MM Alam Road in Lahore.

The restaurant’s menu focuses on all Turkish cuisine. For example, you can start your meal with Turkish lentil soup or a special pasha soup. Continue the Turkish meal with a salad or Turkish baba ganoush. Main courses include Turkish Grilled Lamb Kebab, Spiti Adana Kebab, and Meatball Dish. Plus, you can bake fresh Turkish pizza, and pide, to your heart’s content. Simply put, there are Turkish food choices you’ll love, as the selection varies by variety.

No visit to a restaurant in Lahore is allowed without a barbecue. Therefore, the Turkish restaurant also offers Desi and special Turkish BBQ to satisfy your BBQ cravings. Affordable yet highly rated for its food and service. Additionally, the restaurant offers a very relaxed and comfortable environment, with supportive staff on hand to assist you whenever you need it. This is a restaurant where you can enjoy the authentic taste of Turkey.

Salt’N Pepper Village 

Last on our list of the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg is Salton Pepper. Established in 1992, this acclaimed food chain has definitely set the standard for Pakistani taste and haute cuisine. Among other cities in Pakistan, Lahore is home to salt pepper restaurants and Salt’N Pepper villages. The energy of the village restaurant is in the commercial district of Gulberg.

Especially Lahore Restaurant Fraternity, responsible for its delicious food, live his buffet, delicious food. As far as the menu goes, you’ll find regular BBQ, Tawa specials, mutton pies, nihari, and more. There are unique desi delights, halwa puri combos, and favorite sweets. In addition, village restaurants can pre-order dishes such as kuna for up to 28,000 rupees for 24 hours.

As for Venus, the restaurant recreates the look of a traditional Punjabi carnival in a very comfortable setting. First, in Pakistan, this restaurant offers both taste and service. For more insight, visit Salt’N Peppers. The restaurant is visited daily by dignitaries, celebrities, and families. The luxurious space and friendly environment are perfect for hangouts with family and friends.

Go To Conclusion

A visit to Lahore is not complete without sampling excellent desi and continental cuisine. So after a lot of research, we have listed the Best Restaurants in Lahore Gulberg. So visit these places to feed your appetite in Lahore. We appreciate your feedback.

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