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Best Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed On Digital Screens

by Nathan Zachary

Going around, you will find multiple ways to engage people at events. However, it would help if you look for result-proof ways, and Twitter Wall is one of them. Displaying Live Twitter Walls has garnered much attention recently and for valid reasons.

However, it becomes a bit clouded for the mind when selecting the best tool for displaying a Live Twitter Wall. But this blog will help you select the best tools to display the Live Twitter feed on Digital Screens. So, let’s get on with it!

Tools To Display Live Twitter Feed On Digital Screens

Displaying a Live Twitter feed on digital screens becomes an effortless task through a Twitter Wall creating tool. Let’s go through some of the best ones out there.


A social media aggregator called Taggbox enables you to compile content from many social media platforms, including Twitter, into a single stream that you can show at events.

 It offers a wide range of customization choices with the ability to change feed themes, tweak the font and colors, highlight content, display full-screen announcements, alter the background, add banners and tickers, and much more.

Its effective moderation panel and profanity filter allow you the choice to present the audience with the highest quality entertaining content. In addition, you can quickly block irrelevant information.

It allows you to add your own customized posts to the feed for promotion or other purposes while displaying updated content in real-time. In addition, it is simple to use and offers live customer help if necessary.


The Twitter-specific tool Hootfeed was created by Hootsuite. In any situation, Hootfeed enables you to view Tweets in real-time. It is a simple tool with many customization possibilities for improved feed display.

Additionally, it offers you a moderating option and a profanity filter to ensure that the content on your live Twitter stream is of the highest caliber and promotes audience participation.

Because it can be displayed on screens of any size and because it is a live Twitter stream feed, you will always see the most recent Tweets on your wall. It is a great tool for increasing audience participation at any event.


Using keywords, hashtags, or usernames, you may arrange and display a live Twitter feed on a website using the TweetWally Twitter application. With Tweetwally, you can personalize your search results and get an embed URL that enables you to display your Twitter live feed on digital screens at events or integrate it into websites.

TweetWally satisfies everyone’s needs and is entirely free. Simply sign up using your Twitter account to get started, and then collect all of the tweets on a Tweet wall. Next, create a URL, then incorporate it into your website.


Everwall is a social media and analytics application that can display Twitter feeds utilizing hashtags, timelines, hashtags, profiles, and other data. 

With the fastest tweet updates possible, Everwall lets you present your Twitter wall beautifully to the event audience. In addition, you can customize your Twitter feed in several ways to make it more engaging.

Your Twitter feed also offers options for moderation, statistics, and sponsorship integration. It is a simple-to-use tool that doesn’t call for extensive technological expertise.


Another outstanding social media aggregator tool is Tintup, which collects, curates, and aggregates the pertinent live Twitter feed for you and shows it on big screens at events. You may simultaneously publish the live feed using Tintup to your website, other connected screens, and online adverts. Additionally, it will enable you to modify your feed before showing it. Finally, it operates on a real-time feed update, which makes it efficient and appropriate for major events.

User involvement, brand loyalty, and trust propel a company’s expansion. The greatest approach to staying competitive and maintaining a customer relationship is to employ user-generated material via social media aggregator tools.


Wallrus is a technology that offers methods for displaying social network feeds on screens, digital signage, etc., at events. The finest feature is that setup is simple.

The Twitter feed wall can be created and set up without the requirement for technical expertise. In addition, displaying interactive content throughout the event helps boost audience participation and gives guests an unforgettable experience.

You can even show paid advertisements and carefully selected content from social media on your Twitter feed.


The last one on the list is Walls.io, which will combine all of your relevant Twitter feeds for you and then moderate them, so they are ready to be shown on the social wall of your event. It is a user-friendly application with sophisticated editing capabilities and responsive design. Additionally, it offers CSS customization, allowing you to customize your social wall however you like. This one is one of the better tools for showing your event’s live Twitter feed.

Wrapping Up!

Displaying a Live Twitter feed on digital screens at events has become a norm that is essential for success in the marketing world. Creating a Live Twitter feed wall becomes effortless through the tools mentioned in this blog. Pick the one according to your objectives and achieve brilliant results!

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