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5 Ways to Optimize Your Local SEO Strategy for Chicago

by Nathan Zachary
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How do you rank in Google’s local pack? Do you even know what that means? In this comprehensive guide on how to optimize your local SEO Chicago, we’ll cover how to find keywords that are relevant to the location of your business and map them to pages on your site; starting a blog for your local business; and more! It’s time to really get in-depth with how to make sure you are ranking high in Google search results when people are searching for companies like yours in your area! Check out our top 5 tips below.

1) Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is a free and easy way to tell potential customers about your business and keep them up to date with the latest information. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with your customers on Google Maps, while expanding or enhancing your online presence. Plus, it allows you to easily share content across social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

1) Claiming Your Business Profile

The first step is claiming your business profile so that you can start adding information about yourself and your services.

2) Creating A Listing

A listing will provide an overview of what you do and allow users to find you by searching directly within GMB itself. You may also want to add some photos of your location, as well as staff members. It’s important not only to have a photo but to make sure that the person in the photo is identifiable. You may want to include any certifications or awards if they’re relevant too!

3) Optimizing Your Listings

With Keywords And Mapping Them To Pages On Your Site; Starting A blog For Your Local Business: There are many ways you can optimize your listing beyond just writing text about what you do!

2) Setup Facebook Page

Setting up a Facebook page is the most important first step in building an online presence for your business. Social media sites like Facebook can help you promote your business and reach new customers. Many people use Facebook pages as their primary way of communicating with potential customers.

Facebook pages are free, and easy to setup – it only takes a few minutes. Here’s how:

1) Create a new page under your business name (e.g., The Big Cheese)

2) Fill out some information about your company including: address, phone number, website, email address, opening hours and description of your business.

3) Facebook Ads & Landing Pages

Chicago businesses who are looking to increase their visibility on Google and Facebook should start by setting up a Facebook page, optimizing the title and cover photo, adding staff photos and linking it from their website. Next, they should set up a Google My Business page, add pictures of their business and link it from the homepage. Finally, they can set up Google Adwords ads or use a local SEO Chicago like us at Ideaseat. to run an SEO campaign that will help them rank higher in search engine results pages. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company!

4) Google Ads & YouTube Channel

In the past, SEO was limited to the onsite factors. But now, it’s about how a business ranks in search engines and what people are saying about them online. The best way to optimize your site for SEO is by hiring an SEO agency like our own or doing it yourself if you’re willing- there are many free resources available on the internet.

1) Keywords – Mapping keywords and phrases that relate to your business with pages on your website will help make sure Google indexes those pages first.

5) Yelp Review Management

The best way to optimize your local SEO Chicago is by coming up with keywords and mapping them to pages on your site. This will help you get more traffic, leads and conversions. When creating a blog for your business, it’s important that you include pictures of the storefront, staff members, and customers. This will make the blog look more professional and give off a better impression of what it’s like inside your business. Lastly, be sure to use social media tools like Yelp and Facebook which allow customers to review their experience at your company. Yelp reviews are especially useful because they rank in Google search results; so when someone searches Chicago plumbers in Google, Yelp reviews may show up before any other search result!

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