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Love story for a blog

by Nathan Zachary

I dislike travel blogs. Coming from someone who writes a travel blog, it sounds like a slap in the face, right? But that’s the way it is, I read very few travel blogs. It is one of my typical contradictions, loving something and then not doing it. The main reason, and in saying this. I hope not to alienate the sympathy of my four loyal readers (hello mom). Is the difficulty of finding interesting travel blogs. A Google search yields a long list of junk sites.

Mostly travel agency and tour operator blogs and damn Tripadvisor. The same goes for those that pretend to be directories. But are nothing more than empty containers created for the sole purpose of make money. The second reason, of course, is my well-known laziness. I’m sure that if you search, you’ll find interesting material on the web.

As proof of this, and also because I hope to regain the sympathy of my four loyal readers. I want to introduce you to my favorite Love Travel. It was a Spanish friend of mine who introduced me to him. He was a guest at my house during the week in which I booked hostels in Japan. To give me a hand in this delicate task . I consider the choice of hostel crucial for the success of a trip. I dedicate many hours to it for this . He began to do an online search. “Always like this I inform myself before leaving”, she told me. Only instead of a forum she came up with a blog, Unos Gaijins en Japón (in Spanish).

My friend seemed to find reading the blog extremely enjoyable. I saw her intent on looking for useful information for me with her face sucked into the laptop screen. From time to time she emerged from the virtual den she had created. I heard her “This here doesn’t look bad. It’s one of the cheapest” or a big laugh, followed by “Get these Japanese out!”. I was skeptical, but out of courtesy to my friend I started to take a look at it.

She happened to me the same: after the first post read I could not stop. Unos Gaijins en Japón is a textbook travel blog. It recounts a real experience, a 19-day journey undertaken by a small group of Spanish boys. But it is not a sterile chronicle. It is a fresh, funny, pleasant and above all useful writing. Posts are like cherries, one leads to another. And in the course of reading here and there valuable advice is collected, which I have not failed to treasure.

From accommodation to how the subway works, this blog has been an invaluable help in organizing my trip to Japan. Like my ever-present Lonely Planet. It was this blog that made me decide on the Khaosan Original hostel in the Asakusa district of Tokyo. A choice that turned out to be very happy for its excellent location and value for money. And also for the enchantment of the view from the roof.

It was always this blog that allayed my needless fears about a trip. To such a different and bizarre country. Where the subway is so crowded that people are pushed in by specially paid staff. Subway stations can have 60 exits and it’s harder to find the right exit that the right stop, no one speaks English.

It intrigues, fascinates, gives useful information and is pleasant to read: for these reasons. It is the perfect travel blog for me .I recommend it to all the people who are planning a vacation in Japan and are getting. By with reading the Spanish language. If I have to find fault with it. The information is not very up to date. Unfortunately this blog was written as a travel diary in 2009. Once the trip was over it was never touched again. Thankfully, though, it’s still online.

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