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Reasons & Fixes for Your MacBook Pro Turning On with a Black Screen

by Nathan Zachary
MacBook Pro Screen

Sometimes you have observed the Macbook pro turning on with a black screen. Most Macbook users have observed this while working on the machine. You may experience the dreaded MacBook black screen for a variety of reasons. It can be a serious problem, such as a corrupted driver or display, or it might be something as easy as third-party software stealing control of your display’s settings.

You wish the circumstance would never arise, and when it does, it frequently appears to occur at the worst possible time. We consider Apple’s MacBooks some of the best laptops for creatives and have generally found them to be quite dependable. But much as with any laptop or desktop computer, issues can arise occasionally.

We won’t disagree that a black screen on a MacBook Pro can occasionally be terrible news, but most of the time, it’s actually not that big of a concern and can be rectified very easily. We’ve encountered this issue a few times because a large portion of our writers and creative contributors utilize MacBooks on a daily basis. We’ll explain why your MacBook Pro screen occasionally turns dark and how to fix it. Following are the steps.

Checkup of Power Supply

The MacBook Pro screen occasionally goes dark after a few minutes of booting, or the MacBook occasionally displays a black screen while the startup bell is still playing. In this situation, make sure your Mac’s battery has adequate power to run the starting processes.

You can plug in the charger, wait a few minutes, and then hit the power button to fix that problem. It also assists in warming up the rear of your MacBook first in some frigid settings.

Also, make sure that the macbook charger must be in good condition. Check your battery cycle whether it is required replacement or not.

Power Cycling Process

If you observed that the hard drive or fans are spinning when the computer first startup or if the keyboard lights up, the problem with the black screen is not due to a power shortage.

You must attempt to power cycle your Mac if it doesn’t respond when you click the button or open the lid.

You can long-press the power button to shut down a current MacBook without a detachable battery, such as the MacBook Pro 13″ with Touch Bar and MacBook Pro 15″ with Touch Bar, wait 10 seconds, and then restart the machine.

Brightness & Display Settings

Your MacBook’s black screen issue frequently arises not from a startup issue but rather from the monitor having been dimmed.

By using the F2 key, you can restore your screen’s brightness after unintentionally tapping the F1 key, which usually results in an extremely dim display.

Try These Keys on a MacBook Pro

Although Apple doesn’t confirm it, a specific key combination is reported to occasionally be able to restore a blank MacBook Pro screen. press the power button to perform a shutdown. once, the sleep hotkey, “S,” and then hold it. Press the button to restart after waiting 15 seconds. Many people have attested to the effectiveness of this, but we have no proper reasoning behind this.

Installing macOS Again

You can always try a clean install of macOS if all else fails. Remember that this essentially resets your Mac to its factory settings, making it feel brand-new. It must be your final step. This step will potentially delete all your data in a jiffy.

However, you should periodically back up your Mac, especially if you plan to reinstall macOS. Make frequent backups of your data and folders on an external device to prevent losing anything you have stored digitally.

Final Verdict

MacBook black screens can be extremely frustrating and a hassle to deal with. This can be daunting too since the machine is an expensive one. Along with multiple rebooting sessions, factory resetting your device, delays to deliver your work or potential risk of losing your data, things can really go south if not cared for timely. Hopefully, this guide will help you know the reasons for this problem and fix the issue on time and in an efficient manner.

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