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How to Merge and Joint two or more PST files?

by Nathan Zachary

If your data is saved in many PST files and you have to open those PST files separately again and again to use your data, then there is an alternative to your problem that you merge all those PST files together so that you get Don’t have to face difficulties in finding your important data. In this article, we have explained how to join two or more PST files together.

Microsoft Outlook has always been the favorite email client for all users, but earlier versions of Outlook had some drawbacks due to limited Outlook PST file size. There was a specific limit of data storage in these PST files. When their size was big, it used to save data in many PST files.

But with time and the development of Outlook, Microsoft removed this shortcoming. But due to Outlook users’ data being saved in the old PST file, it is saved in many PST files, due to which the user has to face a big problem in using his data.

In this article, we will tell you how users can solve this problem and combine two or more PST files at once.

How to merge and join PST files In Outlook:

There are two steps to merge pst files in Microsoft Outlook

  • Create a new pst file.
  • Merge PST file newly created pst file.

How to create a new PST file

  • Open Outlook and click on new items >> more items>> data outlook files.
  • Type the name of a file that you want to save and set the location.

  • And hit the OK button.

    How to merge and join PST files

    • Open the file tab and choose the open & export
    • Select the import/export option.
    • Then click on Import from another program files>> click Next.
    • Click on Outlook data file (.pst)
    • Click on Next Button>> then click on Browse
    • Tick the checkbox Do not import Duplicates>> Click Next.
    • Choose the PST file which you to merge.
    • Hit the Finish button.

    The simplest way to merge PST files { using third-party application}

    Use the third-party tool to combine pst files. Yes, you can use any third-party tool to combine any pst files. I suggest you use Mailsdaddy PST merge and join tool. This is an awesome tool to join and merge two or more pst files. It combines two PST files and saves the data according to whether the user saves it in one folder or different folders.

    Features of this Awesome Tool

    • This tool has a user-friendly GUI. Any technical or nontechnical user can use it easily
    • Users can use this fantastic utility to merge the two pst files in the same folder structure, like inbox, spam, trans, etc.
    • Users can combine any two PST files while keeping the data of both of them separately.
    • A search option is given in it to search PST file
    • It is capable of loading multiple PST files at once.
    • This tool supports Unicode or ANSI, both types of Outlook PST files.
    • It supports all the prior or latest versions of Windows OS like 7, 8,10, 11, etc.

      You can use any third-party tool to merge your PST files. Third-party tools make it very easy and convenient to combine PST files and save a lot of time for the user.


      In this article, we have discussed both methods of combining two or more PST files. The manual process is a bit tricky, and third-party tools are convenient for users. I hope all these processes are helpful for all users. For more information or technical support, visit the official website of MailsDaddy.

      Read More Information- MailsDaddy PST Merge And Join Tool

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