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What the MERN stack Means?

by Nathan Zachary
MERN stack

A MERN developer is an expert in MongoDB, Express, React and Node. They are proficient in JavaScript and use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to handle front-end operations and JavaScript with Node. js to handle back-end operations.

Let us understand what the MERN stack means.:

  • Mongo DB is a cross-platform open-source NoSQL document-oriented database.
  • Express JS – It’s a web-based application framework work with Node JS, It helps to build web apps and RESTful APIs.
  • Facebook built the React JavaScript library. React is a User Interface (UI) library. React is a tool for building UI components
  • Node JS – It is a free JavaScript run-time environment, It executes JavaScript code outside of a browser. It is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and Unix.

I will be using the following plugins and tools to create the MERN Stack app.

  • Node JS
  • MongoDB
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Mongoose JS
  • Express JS
  • ReactJS

Is MERN hard:

MERN Stack is relatively easy to learn the framework. This is because React JS has rich documentation that allows the developers to easily get all the information they want. MERN  developers are  easier to hire since the  learning  curve for MERN  is not as high.


In demand MERN developer:

MERN  developers are in high demand since they must produce apps that use the MERN . They are also required for developing web and mobile apps with these technologies. Open-Source Technology- Many companies facilitate MERN because it is open-source code. This boosts developers to develop robust web applications. All frameworks improve the efficiency of coding and give tools for faster app development. It also facilitates the efforts of developers to change something.

Is MERN and full stack same:

The full-stack development framework is intended for major projects and applications. The MERN is best suited for smaller sample projects like single-page apps or mobile apps.
Full-stack developers are knowledgeable in all elements of software development. MERN is strictly for web development.

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