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Metal doors – a choice in favor of impeccable protection, reliability and durability

by Nathan Zachary

A wide variety of door models allows the modern consumer to choose the best option, taking into account their own needs and budget. Manufacturers note the highest demand for metal doors, of which there are a large number of varieties. A steel door can not only be purchased ready-made, but also made according to individual parameters.

What is the design of a metal door

The steel door is assembled from a frame with a metal profile and stiffeners, as well as iron sheets and hinges for attaching the door leaf. In terms of form, the design is made in the form of a single or composite product.

The thickness of the canvas is determined by the number of sheets, and the design can be:

  • single sheet;
  • two-sheet;
  • three-sheet (an additional metal layer is laid inside).

Regardless of the structure, the model is equipped with protective elements:

  • platbands – close the gap between the door and the opening;
  • porches – protect against hacking with a crowbar;
  • steel lock plate – do not allow to knock out or cut out the lock;
  • anchor elements – they will not let you remove the door even if the hinges are knocked down;
  • various locks – can be hinged, mortise, overhead.

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Leaders in the production of steel arched doors

To choose a high-quality and proven by many years of experience in the use of a metal door model, a rating of the best manufacturing companies in this market segment is presented. The products of the described companies are ideal for installation in a house, apartment, or in production.


The first position in the rating of steel door structures is occupied by the Neman company, which is a professional supplier of these products. Thanks to modern equipment and a variety of model range, the company has achieved high sales figures. The manufacturer guarantees satisfaction of the request of any client. The uniqueness of the manufacturing process is confirmed by the variety of available patents. High-alloy steel is used in the ebb of doors from the Neman company, which is characterized by increased strength and impeccable operation. The manufacturer offers a wide range of door configurations – locks, fittings. In addition, Neman doors can be equipped with accessories from other companies.

Two locks are built into the standard models, but if desired, additional protective devices (locks, chains) can be installed. The company’s commitment to continuous development ensures the supply of a large number of new products.

Giving preference to the Neman company, the client receives a door:

  • manufactured on the latest imported equipment;
  • at an affordable price;
  • with a guarantee and a quality certificate.


The company produces high-quality and durable products, has many years of experience. The assembly scheme of each design is maximally worked out and clearly controlled by highly qualified craftsmen. The company values ​​its reputation, therefore it builds an individual approach to each client, offering reliable and safe fabrics.

To achieve impeccable strength, the products are made of a complex profile. A solid steel sheet with a thickness of 2 mm is taken as the basis. At the request of the client, the doors can be decorated in a specific design or equipped with special inserts. Comprehensive protection against burglary is achieved through the use of special linings, anti-removable anchors, two locking mechanisms with 2-3 crossbars. In addition, the lower and upper shutters, latches for closing at night are attached to the doors.

Exterior finishing of canvases at the request of customers is made of laminate, polymer films or powders, veneer, wood.

The company “Stal” guarantees its customers:

  • support of the project until its final delivery and during the warranty service;
  • supply of certified goods;
  • execution of the order by highly qualified specialists.


A distinctive feature of the company is not only the quality of materials, but also original designs with interior and exterior finishes. For the design of the canvases, MDF panels with a polymer coating are used, due to which you can achieve a unique decorative and design solution. In addition, natural wood is widely used as finishing materials, emphasizing the luxury and aristocracy of doors.

What are metal doors, what are their features

Depending on the purpose, doors can be of different types, which gives them special characteristics.

Features of insulated metal doors

This type of entrance door has unique qualities that are not inherent in other models:

  1. Products are characterized by high reliability, strength and durability, while not being hacked, have an aesthetic appearance.
  2. The design of internal insulation and external heat-insulating materials guarantees maximum heat retention in the room.

The filling of the door is a special structure of:

  • mineral wool – it is cheap, environmentally friendly, good noise and heat insulation;

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Insulated doors come in three varieties:

  1. Special designs. They are distinguished by the presence of all the properties characteristic of insulated models – a high degree of thermal insulation, sound insulation, resistance to fire and burglary.
  2. Latticed doors. They are installed, as a rule, in the buildings themselves, but the presence of a heater allows their installation as input.
  3. Technical doors. They do not have a special design, which significantly reduces their cost, while they have a maximum degree of security.

Depending on the door opening mechanism, there may be:

  • from the inside;
  • with an outdoor system.

Finishing materials for each model are selected according to the needs and financial capabilities of the client. The most budget option is leather and vinyl. In the middle price segment, the design is painted, powder coated, as well as MDF panels. The most expensive doors are those that are decorated with laminate and expensive bespoke bedside table.

Properties of doors with increased sound insulation

In the manufacture of models of this classification, manufacturers use a special technology that you should pay attention to when buying:

  1. A special synthetic foaming agent filling the door cavity guarantees not only a high degree of sound insulation, but also the fire resistance of the product.
  2. Compliance with the size of the gaps formed during the installation of hinges and key holes will achieve optimal sound insulation. For maximum effect, sealing rubber, plastic or silicone elements are used.
  3. The degree of insulation of the room also depends on the material from which the door leaf and frame are made. So, wooden and metal cladding will have different indicators.

The entrance door is a burglary-resistant structure consisting of a door frame with a metal leaf movably attached to it. When closed, the canvas is fixed in the box with a locking device or a locking mechanism.

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