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Microsoft Has Abandoned Windows 7 – What’s Next Now

by Nathan Zachary

Windows 7 is a Computer Operating System that was introduced by Microsoft. It was released on July 22, 2009. With the arrival of 2020, the commitment of 10 years had been fulfilled. Now Microsoft will not support the Windows 7. And Microsoft has ended windows 7 on 14 January 2020. With the abandoned of windows 7, the people are thinking about their PC security. After Windows 7 abandoned, users will not get any notification of the update.

Microsoft has suggested to the users to use Windows 10 in order to solve the security issues. Approximately, half users of the windows 7 are migrated toward windows 7. But some users don’t want to migrate their operating system, because, they are completely satisfied with Windows 7. But there are still two ways that the people can select in order to use Windows 7. At first, Microsoft will give you security update after January. However, this method will be designed for the customer, not for the consumer. And the second way is that you have to pay for getting its updated security version. 

Why Using Windows 7 in 2022 is so Dangerous?

It is also expected that the prices of packages will be increased with the passage of time. There are still various windows 7 users who agree to support it. With the end up of windows 7, you will not get any update of the operating system. It means that your website will not be secure. Along with that, key windows 7 services will also be disabled. For example, integrated backgammon and internet checkers are the important keys that will not work the abounded of windows 7. If you are still using Windows 7, you should not use an administrator account for daily task, indeed give preference to the outstanding and standard account and after using it you should switch off it.

Secure Your Devices with Antivirus, Firewall & DNS

windows 7

Using an antivirus application will be helpful for you can keep saving to your device. Along with that, you can use Windows Firewall in order to remove security dangerous. Using a third-party DNS is also a safe way if you are browsing.  But, I would like to suggest that you should jump up toward windows 10; because, it is the right method in order to protect your devices from all hurdles. In this way, you will need to use security applications such as antivirus and malware.  So use Windows 10 as soon as possible. So, if you don’t have any information about windows 10 we are providing you with information about some features of windows 10.

Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is the latest operating system among the personal computer operating system. Windows 10 is the part of Windows NT family. Basically, it is considered the successor to 8.1. Windows 10 was released in 2015.   Its operating system is advanced and easy to use. By using it, you will get a critical update, security patches, and support.  The most amazing and my favorite feature of the windows 10 are that is supports to all universal applications. It will support your PCs embedded systems, surface Hub, Smartphone’s, tablets and Xbox One.  It has also introduced Microsoft Edge web brows that are very easy to use.

 After its original release, windows 10 have gained positive reviews. Nowadays, windows 10 have been installed in billions of devices, therefore, don’t worry about the end up of windows 7 and see the next things. Use amazing and modern windows 10. Windows 10 has responsive designs that fulfill the needs of the users. By using it you can distribute of Microsoft store, because, it allows their users to use web apps. So, selection of the windows 10 will be an amazing choice of you after then abounded of windows 7.


Consequently, a common question is wondering in the minds of users what will come next now.  I think now Microsoft will develop and introduced Windows 11. Windows 11 will be a comprehensive and modern operating system that will create a new history in the Microsoft world. People are considering the negative impact of the abounded on Windows 7.  I would like to suggest these narrow-minded people that they should see the clear and bright side of the things.  We are hopeful that Windows 1 will be an amazing operating system that will support all devices such as mobiles, computers and tablets.

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