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Modern painless facelift treatments that can change your life

by Nathan Zachary

Why is anti-ageing so trendy today?

Anti-ageing treatments and facelift remedies have long been a major concern of the fashion industry. Where models and heroines wished to stay fresh and rejuvenated all over the years. This trend, however, has evolved in its expansion as skin tightening and anti-ageing treatment demand is no longer restricted to the showbiz industry. Today even a simple housewife is concerned about her skin conditions. An expansion in skin tightening and skin rejuvenation has been seen in these recent years. This expansion is a result of the large influence of media, brand marketing, social media review vlogs and filters magical skin lift effects. Things that have the power to create large impacts in the life of even a simple housewife.

Top skin tightening treatments

There are a lot of facelift and skin tightening treatments available today, however, choosing the one that is less painful and more beneficial has become a tricky task to do. Doing so requires great market knowledge and experience in the dermal care field. In this article, we are going to resolve this big issue for you. Providing you with the top 2 painless facelift treatments that you must not miss.

plasma fibroblast skin tightening with SCULPTD

Plasma fibroblast skin tightening therapy is one of the latest skin tightening treatments that are effective and painless. It is a modern aesthetic procedure where fibroblast cells of your skin are targeted to restore the elasticity of your skin. Fibroblasts are collagen and elastic-producing cells that lie in the inner layer of our skin. When a laser pen is used to pass a high-frequency wave over the surface of the skin. Disrupting the skin cells and thus creating some everlasting effects on your skin. The changes that these disruptions caused include

  • Protein breakdown
  • Skin contractions
  • Stimulates fibroblast activity and thus skin rejuvenation

 Moreover, the procedure is less painful, takes almost 3 to 4 days for complete recovery and does not have any chances of infection as in the case of any surgery or incision.

Thread Lift procedure

Thread lift is one skin lifting procedure that is non-surgical and less time taking. There is no need of removing any loose skin as in the case of complex surgical procedures. Additionally, the effect made is more natural looking than in any other procedure. Fine and absorbent threads are used by the doctor to tighten the problematic area. It makes the skin look to be pulled upward and lifted. This not only tightens the skin making it look youthful but also stimulates the natural skin collagen boosting process. Causing collagen to surge to the treated area. Thus, acting as a support system for the growth process to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

This thread lift procedure is simple, involves fewer complications and is less painful. Moreover, the effects made are subtle but still distinctive from other invasive and prolonged procedures.

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