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Most popular BTS member

by Nathan Zachary

The Bangtan Boys, also known as BTS, already have conquered the globe through their songs and alluring personality; it is now time to determine which member of the group is the most well-liked. The well-known septet singers Jimin, J-Hope, V, Suga, RM, Jin, and Jungkook make up this South Korean boy band. This band, which made its debut in 2013, has already broken all the charts after ten years of musical production. The band’s rapid growth has piqued the interest of listeners all around the world, not just the BTS ARMY or its followers.

Fans of BTS admire every performer, and they become even giddier when they watch them perform live. Known for their capacity to convey oneself via song, the popular K-pop boy band BTS has hordes of admirers across the globe. There is widespread recognition for every member of BTS. The declaration of the most well-liked member of BTS in 2021 is anxiously awaited by the fan base.

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The best-known K-pop Idol performers are Bangtan Boys. They’re seen by a large audience worldwide. Due to people’s curiosity in them, they occupy a significant space in their thoughts. The desire to discover more fascinating facts about the BTS artists is what drives the search for details about them by their followers and fans. This makes them renowned all around.

The most well-known band among the South Korean musical stars, according to British music publications, is BTS. The band’s impact has expanded over the entire world, building a bridge between the west and the east. It is now time to figure out how well-liked each band member is.

Who is the most popular member of BTS?

It’s up for debate which BTS member is the most popular because only Instagram users can make that determination and the BTS fans would concur. They are all well-known in their respective disciplines, all seven gifted individuals. Take a closer look, shall we?

The Singers

Despite the fact that all of BTS’s members have considerable global fame, the singers deserve special attention. V, Jungkook, and Jimin have each attracted a lot of notice for their incredible singing abilities. The Maknae Line is a group made up of these three young vocalists. This trio has consistently received recognition for its abilities and has assisted the group in gaining awareness on a global scale since its first release in 2013 via Big Hit Music.

The Buzz on Google

With his consistent social media activity, Junkook is credited with generating a considerable quantity of Google buzz. This artist enjoys posting random photographs to his social media pages, which have the potential to go viral thanks to the BTS army’s followers and admirers. Over 10 million people follow him on Instagram.

Additionally, Kim Tae-Hyung, also called as V, has attracted a lot of attention. He is indeed the BTS member that has won the affections of masses with both his singing aura and his alluring demeanor, which drives fans insane. This swoon-worthy character is also described as the list’s most attractive participant. Therefore, it is possible to argue that V’s success has had a substantial impact on the group as a whole. On Instagram, V has more than 33 million followers right now.

Highest number of fans

One of the septet performers of BTS, Park Ji-min, popularly referred to as Jimin, is a gifted singer, dancer, and songwriter. This performer, who is besides V one of the most well-known K-pop stars, is also fairly popular with his fans. Jimin is among the most visible members of the group and draws the most admirers, according to a latest survey by Poll Gallup.

The Originator of trends

Once more, Jungkook replaces the most well-known member in terms of style. He resembles a glamour model because of his diverse sense of style, which incorporates color-coded clothing and hybrid styling.

The Twitter boss

Because of his success in going viral on the site, The Twitter Bird named Jungkook is also referred to as The Twitter Boss. By sharing just a few videos and images of song covers, this innovator has risen to the forefront of the global trends. Any time he posts, weird things happen, exactly as his “Never Not” post, which had the most retweets in 2020.

Commerce and Business

V serves as the most successful individual in the group with respect to commerce and goods sales. There is no room for V’s belongings due to the overwhelming fan groups and global following he has. V’s items often sell quickly and are frequently out of supply when it relates to BTS stuff. The artist is sometimes referred to as the “Out Of Stock Fairy” as a result.

The fan websites

Among the group’s members, Jungkook possesses the most well-liked fansite, which goes by the name SNOWPEACH. Over 1.8 million people follow it on Twitter, including other members who follow it.

V’s has the most searches on Quora, according to the site. He has the most fan pages out of all the band members combined.

Google Trends.

The two Maknae Line singers, Junkook and Jimin, are rapidly behind V as the most popular BTS artist on Google searches, as per Google Trends.

On TikTok, YouTube, and Tumblr

Jungkook finds delight in dominating every stage where he competes. He is the sole BTS member whose TikTok video has had more than 15.6 billion views in addition to being the most viewed BTS artist on YouTube. He also is referred to as Tumblr’s top K-Pop Star, having taken home the honor in 2018, 2019, and 2020.


Applauded by celebrities

As a result of his incredible musical taste and endearingly modest demeanor, Suga is the BTS member who receives the most accolades from celebrities. Many people would concur that Hashely and MAX are prominent celebs.

Male audience

The Male Audience Compared to the remaining band members, Jimin has the most fanboys amongst his fans. The cause for the popularity may be due to his captivating personality and gorgeous hair. Celebrities like James Rodriguez and Tony Jones have also gotten involved.

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