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MyAssignmenthelp.com Review – Types of Academic Writing Offered

by Nathan Zachary
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Students desperately look for online academic help to do their university assignments. However, choosing the perfect online academic writer for you is not easy. Students need to consider a lot of parameters before zeroing on one. They need carefully assess several things like writing quality, punctuality, pricing, etc. One thing that holds equal importance along with the other factors is the number of services the website is offering. If the website doesn’t cover many academic writing types, students may get inadequate help.  Read the Myassignmenthelp.com review to know the best academic writing services.

Student reviews often help us get a fair idea of the reality and how these websites work. Although we found several examples harsh enough to change your perspective about online writing, we noticed one common positive element across many reviews. We noticed that many students wrote positive reviews about MyAssignmenthelp.com, especially highlighting how they cover different types of academic writing. Hence, we investigated further to unearth the truth about the academic writing styles MyAssignmenthelp.com offers. It offers –


This is the simplest form of academic writing. Descriptive essays are written simply to offer information and facts about a subject. A summary of an article or the report of a result usually falls under this category.

As we read the reviews, we saw several examples According to the MyAssignmenthelp review, wrote various assignments like “Identifying 5 major factors”, “Analysing the yearly report”, “Recording the major challenges”, and “Summarising a case study”, or “Defining the goals for an assignment”. The positive tone of these reviews gives us a fair indication that MyAssignmenthelp.com is proficient in writing perfect descriptive-type essays.


Students rarely get so lucky that they need to write purely descriptive essays. They often encounter academic writing tasks that force them to unfurl their analytical sides. Students need to research and organize huge chunks of data and process them into groups, categories, types, parts, and relationships.

Students often find it challenging to categorize these relationships and modify them specifically for the essay questions. Hence, they seek help from a writer who is a specialist in analytical forms of writing. As we delved into the reviews, we also find out many reviews that praised MyAssignmenthelp.com for their attempts at an analytical form of essay.

We asked the students for the samples they had done. We got hold of some copies that proved their expertise. Some of the topics were “Comparing two methods of calculation”, “Analysing the new method of sales pitch”, “Examining the results of a new business strategy”, etc. A brief overview of these examples helped us to understand that MyAssignmenthelp.com is competent in this type of academic writing.


While writing academic papers, you may need to even write persuasive essays because sometimes just raw facts don’t sound too convincing. Persuasive writing is similar to analytical writing; however, you need to add your perspective at the end. This makes your claims or research more convincing to the readers. Writing an essay with a persuasive element is not easy, and MyAssignmenthelp.com does a stellar job in writing this form, according to the reviews.

As we researched various student reviews, we noticed how they were delighted with their work quality. Many students have stated that MyAssignmenthelp.com was flawless in creating a valid argument topic, adding contrasting points of view, finding and evaluating the old methods, and recommending their own perspectives. The students seemed satisfied with the number and quality of examples that went in the essays.

Some students mailed us the essays that they got from MyAssignmenthelp.com. Our first impression after going through them was –

MyAssignmenthelp.com experts did thorough research to find out the other researchers’ opinions on a topic.

They discussed in detail the research and added persuasive elements beautifully.


Critical essay writing is a common form of essay writing, and most students requested MyAssignmenthelp.com with this form of request. Most of them were postgraduate researchers. We understand that students add multiple opinions on their own in a critical essay, unlike persuasive, where they add only one opinion. So we found a lot of slants like “debate”, “critic”, “evaluate”, etc., in this form of essay. To our surprise, they nailed this form of writing as well, and the students also conveyed similar feelings.

Summing Up:

Finding an academic writer capable of writing all four types of academic writing is never easy. However, you can go through our reviews and make the easy decision of choosing MyAssignmenthelp.com as your academic writer.

Author Bio-

Denny Martin is a professional academic writer at one of the most reliable websites, essay.reviews. He has years of expertise in creating highly engaging essays, assignments, research papers, thesis, case studies and other academic papers for students.

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