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Netgear Firmware Update Bricked My Router. What can I do?

by Nathan Zachary
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If you’re reading this page, it’s a sign you’re searching for solutions to your “Netgear firmware update damaged my router” inquiry, aren’t? Are you able to answer yes? If yes, then you should consider yourself to be among the lucky people in the world. You will find the most effective solutions to resolve this “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem in a flash. Make sure you have the right routerlogin.net administrator information with you and then leave the rest to us. Keep reading!

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Netgear Firmware Update Bricked My Router

The Solution

Broken Firmware Version

It is possible to encounter the “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem if you’ve download the latest firmware via an unrelated website. If that is the case, let us inform you that this is entirely incorrect. The firmware version of your Netgear router is only downloaded from the official website.

How do I access the official site of Netgear router’s official website?

Connecting to your Netgear modem and router by using routerlogin.net as the routerlogin.net Web address.

Make sure you enter the URL with care. If you enter it incorrectly, the URL will redirect you to a different site instead from the Netgear router’s official site. To avoid this occurring, you are all set to take a copy of routerlogin.net and paste the URL into the bar of your most up-to-date internet browser.

Note This is not the first time we have requested that you type routerlogin.net within the bar of search.

You have stopped the Process

It is possible that the Netgear router firmware upgrade procedure could take a bit of time to download. Because of this, people become frustrated and disrupt this Netgear software update for their router. If you’re one of those, then you’re the root cause of experiencing an “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem.

Be aware that this Netgear firmware upgrade process isn’t designed to interrupt. Therefore, you must be patient and allow the process to take time to finish.

Following Incorrect Instructions

There is also the “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem if you’ve not followed the correct instructions. In order to get the most of your router from Netgear, ensure that you’ve adhered to the correct procedure to complete the update of your router’s firmware procedure. You can find the exact instructions on firmware according to the model you own on the routerlogin.net netgear.com official website. We’ve already discussed, didn’t we?

Start Your Router

Still getting similar “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem? No worries! Simply power on or turn off your router at Netgear.

Here’s how you can give your Netgear router a new beginning:

  • In the first place, you must make sure there isn’t any device connected to the SSID the Netgear router.
  • If you’re sure that it is the case, unplug your router from Netgear and just wait for a few seconds
  • Then, connect your router from Netgear.
  • Make sure to give the Netgear device with the correct source of power from an electrical outlet

After restarting, you can check if your “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” issue has been resolved or not.

Check out the Connection

If you aren’t connecting your router and modem in the correct way and you don’t, you’ll encounter your “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem. Are you looking to resolve it? Yes, this is the reason you are here. Be sure to establish the correct connection between your router from Netgear and modem. If a good connection is established between them then you will be able to resolve the “Netgear firmware update caused my router to be bricked” problem will be solved in the near future.

Reset Netgear Router

Still having no luck? Are you still having the “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem causing you grief? Don’t worry about it. The reset of your Netgear WiFi router will be the sole option left with. We are here to help! Netgear router has assisted numerous users around the world to resolve numerous issues that they have with their devices. One of the most frequently encountered problems are”Netgear firmware update bricked my router “Netgear firmware update caused bricking of my router” problem.

For resetting your Netgear router, all you need do is hold and press the reset hole for a few minutes before releasing it. Be sure to turn off the devices connected to your router.

After you’ve successfully resetted your router at Netgear, you can configure it once more by going to routerlogin.net’s routerlogin.net configuration webpage.

Following the tips above, you can change the firmware of your device in accordance with the above tips and stop your “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” problem.


We hope this article can help you to solve that “Netgear firmware update has bricked my router” issue, doesn’t it?

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