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Never Recking Horror Web Series?

by Nathan Zachary

The Haunting of Hill House

One can feel a chill run down their spine while watching this 10-episode horror web series. Directed by Mike Flanagan, this Netflix series revolves around the Crain family when they return to their Hill House, a haunted mansion they once stayed in.

As the storyline proceeds, the warm, happy setting of the show intensifies to vexing terror and fright. With the actors’ fantastic craft and significant visual effects, this show is a must-watch for all horror lovers!


Unpredictable, unique, and ghastly perfectly describe this horror series on Netflix. The narrative encapsulates a dystopian India captivated by fascism and supernatural incidents.

Directed by Grahan Patrick Martin, Ghoul not only portrays horror and fright but also renders a socio-political outlook highlighting its philosophical subtlety. Radhika Apte’s performance and significant screenplay make you sit on the edge of your seat!


Streaming on Zee5, this horror web series is an interesting and captivating watch. The plot revolves around a woman with PTSD who starts getting some supernatural visuals of people others can’t see.

Sangeeth Sivan’s direction and Kalki Koechlin’s performance enhance the plot and the ghostly elements of the web show. This spooky web show will certainly baffle you with its unpredicted twists and storyline.


The Sujoy Ghosh horror web series is a fun yet frightening watch with an old-world charm. Set on a group of friends’ expedition to a villa in Goa that once housed a well-known horror writer, Typewriter is marked with some chilling spooky events.

Engaging performances by Jishu Sengupta, Purab Kohli and Palomi Ghosh along with an old-world charm, make the plot gripping and captivating. If you are a fan of desi horror shows, Typewriter is surely your watch.


This 8-episode French Horror series can certainly scare you with its spookiness and horror. With a diverse, well-developed cast, Marriane revolves around a horror writer who finds that the evil she writes about might exist in reality.

As the storyline proceeds to unveil the truth, the supernatural and ghostly elements intensify the fright and terror of this horror web series. The colour palette along with the cinematography and visual effects will scare you, for real!


Written and directed by Patrick Graham and Nikhil Mahajan, Betaal attempts to conjure a sense of thrill and fear in the viewers. Based on a zombie attack in Nilija village when the commandos try to displace the villagers, this show turns out to be very scary in some instances.

Though the plot will require some time to be crisp and some places might feel unrealistic, the actors with their craft and some visual effects will surely keep you captivated!


Coined as “world’s most-watched Netflix series” on its release day, this scary K-drama encapsulates human survival during a paranormal apocalypse. The show seamlessly swings from being a scary horror to a legal investigation of the cult that initiated the terror.

Directed by Sang Ho Yeon, this K-Drama brings out important truths and questions about human agencies causing destruction. This horror K-drama is a perfect blend of terror with the investigation and is a must-watch for all!

All of Us are Dead

This popular K-Drama is based on some high school teenagers as they fight against a zombie attack. Though compared to Stranger Things, All of Us are Dead is more terrorising and scary in my opinion!

With the bloodbath and some disturbing scenes, this show is certainly not for faint hearts. Directed by Kim Nam-Soo, this horror series will certainly make you sit on the edge!

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