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New Career Opportunities Await Registered Nurses in 2022

by Nathan Zachary
Career Opportunities for Nurses

In healthcare institutions throughout the United States, the lack of registered nurses has reached a crisis level, and there is no easy solution to the problem.

Burnout, or “clinical stress,” as the National Nurses United Director of Nursing Practice major factor in the continued departure of many nurses from the nursing profession.

When it comes to Career Opportunities for Nurses, you should update your Job description and think about applying for one of these interesting jobs.


Nursing professors are needed in nursing colleges all around the United States.

In 2020, the vacancy rate for nurse faculty was 6.5%, and more than 50% of nursing schools reported having a need for full-time professors.

Among the several teaching options are:

  1. Clinical Nurse Educators are responsible for the education of registered nurses who are currently working in healthcare settings.
  2. Nursing Instructor — instructing students in a traditional classroom environment.
  3. Professor of Nursing, instructing students at the university level.

Conduct Out Some Investigation

Think about going into research if you find the more scientific aspects of medicine interesting. Career Opportunities for Nurses development are available to nurses in both academic and clinical settings.

 As part of your responsibilities in this position, you will plan and carry out research, as well as gather, examine, and report on data.

Nurse researchers have an influence on the healthcare business by looking into methods to enhance patient outcomes and increase the effectiveness of providing medical treatment.

In addition to this, you will collaborate with medical doctors and other healthcare experts in a different method.

Now Become Professional

These highly specialized nurses command some of the highest salaries in the nursing profession.

According to the statistics provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) make a mean annual salary of $189,190.

To get started in any area of specialization, you will need to first complete the necessary training and obtain the necessary licenses.

 A master’s degree in nursing, a passing score on the National Certification Examination, and a valid RN license are the minimum requirements for entering a nursing specialty.

Stay Independent

If you are a healthcare professional and you desire the flexibility to choose your own hours and practice in a variety of environments, now is the ideal moment to go into business for yourself.

At this time, there is a significant need for experienced registered nurses (RNs), as hospitals that are understaffed strive to maintain appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios.

Travel contracts might have significant income potential but also come with a variety of potential downsides.

They often do not mesh well with the need for a timetable that is adaptable.

Consider working on a per-diem basis if you need to be at home to care for a family member or pick up your children from school.

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