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no celebration is fun without some good food

by Nathan Zachary
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I can’t believe 2020 is coming to an end, right? After all, we have been through. A lot. It seemed like yesterday when the world went on quarantine mode, and we all started work from home. But the good news is here guys, 2021 is coming to town. New year celebrations ought to clear our mind from this COVID dust. We all deserve a break, and to use this break judiciously is on us. So here are a few tips for you to celebrate the new year the right way.

Firstly, no celebration is fun without some good food. Start cooking with your family. Bake cakes and cookies or make some fancy French dish. And post your cooking pics and recipes onto social media; after all, sharing is caring. Make sure your kids contribute while cooking. Or if you are a foodie who doesn’t want to cook, then order your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant.

Here’s How to Celebrate New Year Right
Secondly, try to be fit and maintain your shape by exercising or jogging. Go to your nearby park and stretch your muscles. But if quarantine has made you a couch potato, then hop onto a virtual session with your friends for a twist of fun and spice of movement.

Thirdly, new year celebrations are a bash when it comes to drinking. Why don’t you pick up a hobby like wine tasting or even making your own wine? If you don’t want to commit to anything long term, then stick to making amazing festive cocktails as a part of your celebrations this new year.

Next, since those new year events have taken a backseat, you can decorate or tidy up your house for an at-home new year experience. Invite your friends to your house the proper way, wearing masks and gloves and with a COVID test at hand. Let your friends shower you with compliments for the new year’s fun.

Another way to bid adieu to 2020 and to welcome 2021 is to binge-watch your old favorites. Whether it is your favorite tv show or the movies you’ve watched a thousand times already, rekindle the old memories and moments by rewinding time and watching your old favorites. Not just things to watch, chit chat with your old friends to reignite old friendships. Look back on good days and good times; this can bring a lot of comfort in the chaos that 2020 is.


This new year won’t be perfect, but what really is perfect? But if you follow these tips, then I am sure that the new year fun won’t stop and this new year will be a bash. What best way to welcome the new year than staying safe for a safe year ahead? Hopefully, you will adopt these tips to make your new year celebration awesome and memorable. After all this heftiness, let’s end 2020 with all our sorrows past and start a safe journey with a pleased new year.

And don’t forget to share the best new year quotes and messages with your near and dear ones. May you have a bright new year!

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