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No-Parking Board Advertising – Let’s Get Your Business To Be More Visible In Your Area!

by Nathan Zachary

As the name suggests no parking board advertising is the use of plastic or metal boards for advertising to get the attention of consumers. These parking board advertisements help promote key information such as the business logo, name, address, and contact information that is essential for the branding of any business. No Parking board advertising is commonly used in several industries such as education (schools, colleges, institutes), healthcare (hospitals and clinics), and by companies that focus on advertising for consumer durable goods.

There are two main types of materials that are used in no-parking board advertising. The first one is a plastic corrugated sheet which is also commonly known as sun pack sheet. This type of material is cheaper and lightweight. Sunpack sheet no parking boards are ideal for bulk orders as they are quick and easy to install and transport. Several companies use sunpack sheet parking boards during their peak season to advertise their latest offers.

On the other hand, no parking board advertising done using tin plates is slightly more expensive. However, it is more durable and long-lasting. Tin plate parking board advertising is ideal for businesses that are non-seasonal in nature, for example, the healthcare industry.

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Where and How is No Parking Board Advertising done?

Parking board advertising is mostly done in residential areas, shopping complexes, near malls, offices, and other relevant high footfall areas. These boards are installed at around 4-5ft above ground level which is ideal to grab the attention of people and passers.

No Parking board advertising is done through a team of experienced installers who use a metal wire to attach these parking sheets against the pole, gate, or railing. This process is quick, easy, and safe as there is no need for using a ladder to climb up the poles to install these boards.

Generally, a team of two installers can install about 700-800 boards in a single day.

Why use No Parking Board Advertising?

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No Parking boards are perfect to generate business inquiries from a specific geographical area. These parking sign boards help promote important information such as brand name, brand logo, address, and contact number that is essential for advertising any business.

Bulk installation of these parking boards helps in creating a solid brand presence for a business along with promoting social messages like ‘clean city green city’ and ‘save water save the planet’.

No Parking board advertising is long-lasting and can generate business leads for several months.

It is one of the most effective traditional outdoor advertising methods that has been used by businesses of different industries for the past several years.

Source Link – https://www.postingsea.com/no-parking-board-advertising-lets-get-your-business-to-be-more-visible-in-your-area/

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