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Non-Slip Vitrified Floor Tiles – The Must-Have for Your Floors

by Nathan Zachary

Are you overwhelmed looking at the choices for your tiling project? You will come across diverse options- ceramic, faux wood, granite, and the like. One aspect that is bothering you is the safety of these products. Many of these options look magnificent, but one cannot overlook one of their drawbacks and that is they tend to be slippery. This is the juncture where the importance of the anti-skid feature lies.

Gain an insight

Overall the concept of home improvement has undergone a lot of changes. The coating of Non-Slip Vitrified Floor Tiles maintains higher friction even on wet surfaces. As a result, the chances of slipping are curtailed. They have a lot of similarities with their ceramic counterparts, with the only difference being in their composition. The clay is blended with quartz, silica, and feldspar before being exposed to fire. The fusing of these additional ingredients takes place at high temperatures, and this helps to create a glossy vitreous surface known for its hardiness. 

  • Prevention of accidents

Tiling surfaces with smooth coatings may become accident-prone. If water or any liquid spills on those surfaces, it may pose a danger to surrounding people. This situation becomes all the more hazardous for the senior family members and children. The NonSlip Vitrified Floor Tiles are made of moisture-resistant materials. Thus, even when they are wet, they prevent skidding.

  • Reduction of friction

The surfaces of these slabs are highly porous. All kinds of liquid are contained within the minuscule dips. This feature plays a huge role in the reduction of friction. As a result, walking on these surfaces becomes easier, and the chances of slipping on these structures are curtailed.

  • Low upkeep

These products are resistant to water and stain marks. The cleaning procedure is a lot easier compared to its ceramic counterpart. Owing to their thickness and anti-resistant features, these products can last longer. Over time, the lustre remains. They do not develop scratch marks so easily.

  • Simple installation process

The installation process is easy and hardly requires any set time. You do not need an anti-slip floor coating. An expert can do the entire operation within two days. Floors coated with anti-slip floor coating will help in the reduction of accidents. Not only are these items affordable, but at the same time, they are stylish too.

  • For all kinds of applications

These products are available in countless textures, colours, and sizes. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. These can be a suitable choice for residential flooring, and in the case of outdoor applications, they are highly appropriate for high-traffic areas. Visit: Non Slip Vitrified Floor Tiles .

Taking a wise call

Use the net to conduct research extensively about companies excelling in tiling solutions. Do not make decisions hastily. Otherwise, the results will turn out to be disastrous. Check the reviews of clients before making a decision. The feedback will be beneficial because it will give you a clear picture of the company.

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