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Nvidia RTX 3080 TI Vs RTX 3080- Which Is the Best GPU For You?

by Nathan Zachary

A good quality GPU plays an important role when it comes to buying or building a PC for your gaming setup. For intensive gamers, getting the best GPU is even more important than the processor. But, figuring out the best GPU for them is quite intimidating. 

However, among several options in GPU, here we will compare the most sought-after GPUs namely Nvidia RTX 3080 TI and RTX 3080. Among the entire 30 series, many people preferred 3080 as the best GPU in the market and get gaming experience by buying RTX 3080 ti

The Difference Between the RTX 3080 TI and RTX 3080

Both of them can provide you with a better performance at a lower price compared to the 3090. The 3080 was launched in 2020 while the 3080 TI was introduced one year later to us in 2021. Since then, these two have become one of the favorite GPUs for gamers. Though, the RTX 3080 TI was brought to us with improved cost and performance. So, to let you know the difference, we have briefly discussed some points below.

  1. Core Unit

When it comes to the core unit, then the TI contains almost 18% more of each of the cores than the 3080. So, here, the TI can give you the advantage of better processing. In terms of the core unit, the TI is the winner. 

  1. TDP Or Thermal Design Power

The TDP of a Graphics Processing Unit is mainly the maximum amount of power it can use and consequently release the maximum heat. However, both of them are a factor in how effective the radiator is going to be in your case and what amount of power it will consume. If we compare RTX 3080 and 3080 TI, then TI generally uses more power. So, in the future, the TI is going to be the hotter and hungrier card to use.

  1. VRAM

The VRAM of a Graphics Processing Unit is mainly used as a store for texture maps and as a frame buffer. It is the key factor when it comes to the requirements of resolution of your PC. So, if you get more pixels then you will need to have more storage which only a bigger VRAM will allow. The 3080 has the capacity of VRAM of 10GB while the 3080 TI has the capacity of VRAM of 12 GB. 

  1. Performance and Price

When it comes to performance, both of them are pretty good at running 4K games at a higher frame. However, the RTX 3080 TI has higher power consumption and therefore it is more expensive than the ETX 3080. So, if it is not necessary then you do not have to upgrade your PC. 


Overall, in terms of performance, the TI is clearly the winner. It gains popularity because it performs as well as the 3090. But it is way too expensive than the 3080 one. So, if you are tight on budget, you can get your hands on the RTX 3080. Otherwise, get the amazing gaming experience with the best RTX 3080 TI to enhance PC performance.


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