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SMS Tracker App One Way To Overcome Mom Guilt

by Nathan Zachary
SMS tracker app

Being a doctor and dealing with a teenager single-handedly has been rough for me. You have no fixed schedule sometimes it is a 12-hour duty, sometimes it’s 24 and other days you are stuck at the hospital for even 36 hours as well. In the start, I guess my kid had a hard time and so, do I. But now she is fine or has been good to hiding at least.

Social Life & Relationships

The thing is to meet ends in a sufficient way for myself and the kid we have compromised on our social life. Our relationship has taken a hit as well in short I was freaking out completely. Then the incident was like the last nail in the coffin.  There was this important event at her school in which she had participated and she reminded me a ton of times about the exact date and time of the event through dozens of texts.

Some Major & Minor Things

For the record, I  had it in my mind and even had the day planned accordingly so that I will be able to attend the kid’s event. But last moment there was this glitch and I got confused about the time of the event. I tried to double-check through the texts but ALAS the chat history was all cleared.

Well, when you have so much going on at the same time the chances are that you miss some major and minor things and yes I missed the event. When I reached the school the event had ended now there were parents and happy kids everywhere. I tried to contact her and call her but, of course, she did not receive it.

  • A survey done by WorkingMother.com showed that about 57% of participants told that they suffer through Mom guilt every single day.

Saved Messages & Emergency Surgery

I had the message saved in the chat box and don’t know why but the emergency surgery affected my schedule badly.  After that day my every effort and every attempt to console got backfired. She was upset and it was her right but I did not know what to do to make things right.

It has been so much going on with the life and the mom got was piling up but this thing affected me badly.  I am doing everything for her and if she is not happy with me in the present and why go through everything for the future which is still far away. It affected my health as well. In the ER while giving me essential treatment my colleague asked to be if I was ok and I cried like a baby in front of her.

SMS Tracker App

After hearing everything she told me to manage my life smartly and I will be good. She texted me the name of the app that she wanted me to get right away. The main thing that pushed me about getting the OgyMogy spy app was the SMS tracker app. Besides that, many features can be used for self-management, especially if you have a hectic life and have not focused on your tech or digital life.

The OgyMogy spy app is a parental control and employee monitoring app. You can simply install the app on your kid’s devices and can know pretty much everything about them. Similarly one can monitor the workplace and employees’ work-related activities as well. But another significant usage of such an app is for self-management. I started using the app at first for the SMS tracker app feature as I wanted all of my texts saved somewhere with all the important information and date and time stuff. The OgyMogy gave me the option for that at that time I grabbed the support.

  • The SMS tracker app saves all the inbox information on the web portal
  • Only user has access to the online web portal of the OgyMogy spy app.
  • The SMS tracker app is like magic in a way that even the text message you consciously or unconsciously delete is saved on the portal.

That means in case you want to double-check any important data through text you can always go to the cloud-based service offered by the SMS tracker app and get the information without any hurdle.

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