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Opt for our Silent Software to Minimize Mistakes

by Nathan Zachary

You can create an attractive and highly-effective supporter using our Silent Auction Software.

As you begin preparing your silent auction, you may reason you have everything you need like you have procured great stuff, set up a modest bidding system, and printed invites to send out for the event. But, in order to maximize your success, it is important to take extra steps to streamline your preparation process and event implementation. But, to implement these extra steps, you will need to have access to the finest silent auction software.

With the correct suite of tools, your non-profit can make your subsequent silent auction a success. First, you will need to start with great silent auction management software. Then, you can begin building out your software with other tools like view research software, marketing, and more. These extra tools expand your marketing edge, provide data about donor predictions, and add thrilling activities to your classic silent auction occasion.

What Should You Expect in a Silent Auction Software?

We have worked with lots of organizations to pull off attractive silent auctions that motivate support and lead to permanent donor relationships. We appreciate what it takes to create a standout occasion and how the correct tools can take your efforts to the subsequent level. Using our experience, we have identified numerous key characteristics to look for when measuring silent auction software like:

  • User-friendly edge
  • Combined payments with recurrent donation processing features
  • User profile formation tools
  • User confidentiality measures and data safety
  • Skill to host virtual and hybrid events
  • Instinctive apps for both iPhone and Android
  • Backend event organization tools
  • Real-time apprises for bidders
  • Combined platform with numerous fundraising methods beyond auctions, like peer-to-peer campaigns
  • Interactable with numerous CRMs and Donor Management stages
  • Clear pricing with no hidden dues

This may appear like a long list of features, but numerous of these items, such as data security and a user-friendly boundary are fundamentals. Beyond these fundamentals, different providers will excel in diverse ways, meaning your organization should struggle to find a silent auction software provider that has all the features and meets your exclusive needs.

How our Silent Auction Software works

Get started with our Silent Auction Software in minutes following the simple steps

Generate your online auction

Set up your fund-raise page in minutes. With the Silent Auction Software, you can easily add the items to your auction and make your page look lovely with attractive banner images, as well as a relaxed message to greet donors.

Share with donors

Spread the word about the forthcoming online auctions with your donors. Use the best templates and social media mixings to get people interested. Once the bidding starts, everything works flawlessly through phones and desktops. You can keep donors involved with auto text notifications when they are outbid.

End the auction with a click

Once your fundraiser has ended, easily close the auction with a click. Next, charge the cards and collect your funds. Lastly, receipts are issued and proceeds are deposited into your bank account.

Quick bidding that works online

Our auction platform works online & in person. With our software, you can produce a fundraiser exactly for your needs. Whether your event is virtual, or both, we have the solutions. Share a link for auction with your audience and you are done!

Auction Software Reduces Mistakes

At an old-style silent auction, helpers had to print bid sheets, write the descriptions of every item and organize them all in a spreadsheet. This was time-consuming and led to data-entry errors. Silent Auction Software minimizes human error by copying every detail for you. We also track your silent auction in real-time too. That way, you can display which items are generating excitement, follow the bidding war, and use the information to help you achieve improved results with each auction.

Silent Auctions Work Well Online

Silent auctions are countless ways to raise money for any cause. By taking your auction online, you can save time, raise money and improve the involvement of your guests.

Want the best Silent Auction Software

We have helped lots of organizations to create silent auctions in minutes. Want to know if we are right for you? Get started with our Silent Auction Software by Auction Software today and view our online resources about silent auctions, and more!

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