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Organizing your Exhibition booth at Trade Show

by Nathan Zachary
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We often read about the impact of empowering creativity and uniqueness in a trade show booth. But how often do we think about how a trade show booth? Is organized and what are the intricacies of the process? Exhibit display companies deliver us the most. Outstanding designs of trade show booths and we are left to focus on the other agendas of trade show events. We look forward to having a booth to be placed appropriately at the place of maximum possibilities. But a lot more goes into organizing a trade show booth than we imagine.

 Let us discuss here some of the factors you have to consider when organizing trade show exhibit booths.

Choose the right event

First and foremost you need to make up. Your mind on what kind of business event will be right for your brand. Exhibiting without the sense of right judgment of which trade show. The event that will suit your business but can lead to time and resource wastage. You need to be well aware of the target audience that will be present. At the show where you will be exhibiting. People like to attend events that are in line with the theme of the trade show event. Off-the-track events straight away get unnoticed unless there is something very appealing that you bring to the show. Therefore it is important to consider and thoughtfully choose which trade show event you should choose to exhibit your brand.

Select your space

There is a lot of information available for exhibitors to help them choose the right space for exhibiting. Working on everything else and leaving out on this aspect can drop you to a huge loss. For an exhibition to be successful, it should be visited by a certain. A number of attendees which you can try to convert to business leads.  

And lot many factors affect the attendance of attendees at the booth. Custom exhibit displays grab the attention of people but it is certainly important that your booth is in the vicinity. The show where there is a maximum number of chances to be attended. Strategies like choosing the space near the entrance, choosing the place near corners, cross junctions, cafes, and restaurants, and being left or right of the trade fair exhibitions. These are some of the ways that need a thoughtful decision based on your budget and other parameters.

Functional aspects

Before you begin designing the stand you need to. Make a list of things that you will need on the stand. Things like laptops or IPad, pens, paper, or business cards to capture leads are one aspect. You also need to decide on the power requirements that you will be needing at your booth. You would be selling items on a stand or exhibiting to. Create awareness and would decide the design of your booth.  What furniture you would be needing or if you need a meeting? Room is some of the aspects that will be a deciding factor for your exhibition booth design.

Design of your exhibition booth

Your exhibition booth is the first thing that will be noticed by the attendees. It creates the first impression of your brand and showcases your individuality. Do not act miserly on this aspect as a lot depends. On your booth to be able to provide you traffic at your booth.

A dull and cluttered environment is a big turn-off for people. Have arrangements to make your place well-lit and properly organized with breathing space at your booth. Relaxing seating arrangements are a big plus when it comes to defining a good exhibition booth. Creative ideas and unique innovative designs grab the attention of people. Take time to decide upon this factor in the design of your exhibition booth. You can go for rentals of exhibition booth rather. Then buying it if you want to go to a higher end in design. However, it depends more on the usability of the booth that you decide to buy or rent. Trade show stand construction is an art and focuses on the little things. Can give you an outstanding result in terms of innovation and creativity.

Exhibitor manual

The exhibition organizer sends an exhibitor manual detailing the necessary information regarding the trade show exhibitions. It details the exhibition floor plan and any marketing efforts that the organizer will be engaging in. It tells about the services available and the timeline for you to take action. All in all your exhibition manual will be all you need for the information related to exhibiting.

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Choose the right exhibition design and building vendor

Finding the right exhibition design and building vendor can be tricky. It takes into account several factors to choose the right vendor. Budget, the distance of its manufacturing unit from the venue, experience in designing and building exhibition stands, the services they offer, and quality of materials used. The latest technologies and equipment, innovation and style, variety, and reviews of the company by their clients are some of the parameters upon which we figure out the right vendor for our exhibition booth design and building.


An important consideration is required in deciding how your exhibition stand will be transported to the venue. Many companies like Triumfo provide the facilities of installation, dismantling, and storage along with the design and building services. For timely delivery, you need to figure out the most appropriate. Way of transportation for your booth either by yourself or through the design companies. You need to organize the transportation of your exhibition stand in line with the time of your exhibition.

Storage of stand

If you are purchasing the exhibition booth then you will have to figure. Out the storage of the exhibition booth till you will use it again. Rentals save you on this parameter as you have no responsibility to store the stand after your exhibition is over. Many companies which have their manufacturing units near the venue also provide storage facilities.

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