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All You Need To Know About OTT Content Management Systems 2023

by Nathan Zachary
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With Over 5.3 billion internet users across the globe in 2023, each business is expanding their reach across different platforms on the internet. Businesses that have been offline for decades are also establishing their presence on the internet. Videos have become a large part of the internet and the number of digital video viewers has touched 3.48 billion in 2023. As content creators and businesses expand their video libraries, it is essential to have a system to manage those videos.

Meaning of OTT Content Management System

OTT means over-the-top video content that is delivered to users through the internet. On-demand video content, live TV and videos on social media are made available to users via OTT. Users can access the video content using any of their devices that have an active internet connection and which support the OTT platform delivery. OTT Content Management platform enables businesses to schedule, plan and deliver video content from a centralized platform.

Working of OTT Video CMS – Explained

Enterprise video content management systems are centralized repositories that can be accessed by any number of professionals in the enterprise. Businesses can create, edit, store, schedule, and publish video content through the OTT CMS. Businesses can assign access and authority to different levels of team members to utilize the CMS  based on their role in their organization.

Online video content management system allows businesses to access the platform from any device across the globe. Thereby, enabling remote working.

Features Of Best Video CMS Software

With innumerable OTT video CMS platforms in the market, it is crucial for businesses to make the right choice. Video content management systems are solely created to cater the needs of small businesses, whereas some are for large enterprises. Regardless of the size of your business, here are the important features you need to look for while choosing your video cms.

1. Video API Access

CMS systems that provide API access will help you to create your own custom video management solution. You can integrate other software and cloud video applications into your video cms to make your business process functioning simpler. For instance, you can offer mobile live streaming to your audience by integrating mobile live streaming apps.

2. Bulk Uploading

As your business grows, it will be crucial for you to produce a large number of viewing materials to engage with your audience. The bulk uploading option will save you time. In addition, auto-pause and resume functions will help you save time on system and internet issues while uploading.

3. Video Library Organization

Organizing data is the core of any management system. Having categories and multiple levels of subcategories in video streaming cms allows you to create playlists and manage content on the platform. You can also index tags, catalogues and embed videos to organize your content.

4. Video Encoding

Transcoding and multi-bitrate encoding enable to create of several copies of every video that is uploaded into the cms. They are made in different levels of quality and streaming formats for the users to choose at their convenience. Video encoding will help you serve your customers in different locations on any device and with any internet bandwidth.

5. Video Privacy and Security

Security are of utmost importance on the internet. Secure file uploads, password protection, and HTTPS delivery are some of

the must-haves. Digital Rights Management (DRM) and AES encryption are required for high-level security.

6. Full Support for Video Monetization

The core purpose of churning large amounts of digital video content for the audience is to create a revenue stream for the business. Multiple video monetization formats must be provided that fulfil the requirements of your business model. Advertisement video on demand (AVOD), subscription video on demand (SVOD), and transactional video on demand (TVOD) are the basic models. Also, multiple currency formats catering to different countries must be supported for your customers to make payments easily.

7. Analytics and Engagement Feedback

Tracking is required to monitor the performance of any content. Using detailed analytics metrics features on the platform will allow you to see how the content is performing for audiences of different geographies, age groups, types of audiences, etc. You can utilize this data to constantly enhance your content delivery for increased engagement which will ultimately result in more profit and customer success.

8. Easy to Operate

User interface and functionality is of utmost importance in any management system. It must be simple enough for anyone to use the video CMS without any training or technical know-how. This will save you time and effort in countless ways to work with the system.

9. Mobile app for managing videos on-the-go

Mobile cms for video streaming feature helps you leverage creating content on-the-go. Check for a secure mobile app that is easy to operate on any type of mobile device. Your content creators will be able to utilize this during outdoor shoots and not wait until they get back to the office to edit and upload the videos. This feature not only  helps your business but also your viewers to access your content from any device, anytime and from anywhere in the world. It ultimately increases the time your users spend consuming your content.

Benefits of OTT CMS for businesses

Video content management is highly beneficial for businesses of any type and size. We have listed the major advantages below.

  •  Quick video editing and uploading.
  • Centralized management system for multiple team members to work from anywhere in the world.
  • Integrate any tools and software to streamline the working of your business in the backend.
  • Reduces the cost of hosting.
  • Does not require maintenance.
  •  You can add more features, and content, and make changes to existing content without affecting user experience.
  • Ready-to-use platform.
  • Team members do not require technical knowledge to use the video cms.
  • Highly scalable and cost-effective.
  • Saves time on the development of a centralized platform.
  • Analytics insights.
  • Cater to audiences globally.
  • Highly secure.
  • Receive automatic updates.
  • Regular security checks are conducted.
  • Ability to streamline operational workflow.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best cms for video content will help your business to reduce overhead and technical costs. You can create and manage content libraries, scale the distribution of your content without additional monetary investment and implement different monetization strategies for different audience groups. Look for the video cms that provides all the features with your business needs, fits your budget and offers amazing customer support. It will be the best investment your business will make in today’s digital world.

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