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Our online Shia Quran academy is working to make it possible for you to learn the Quran at home!

by Nathan Zachary

Our Online Shia Quran Academy is Working to Bring the Facility of Quran Learning at Your Home!

Do you want to learn quran online? Then, you have come to the right place! We are one of the best Online Shia Quran center that delivers high-quality education on Quran. With our unique approach and state-of-the-art facilities, we make it convenient for the students to learn how to read Quran online with ease. We are the pioneers when it comes to providing best online quran classes as we are back by skill and qualify tutors who have won accolades in this field.

How Does it Work?

After Placing An Order, You’ll Be Contact By Our Dedicate and Experience Educators Who Will Help You Learn by Giving Guidance and Suggestions. After You Finish Learning, You’ll Be Require To Take A Test And Then You Are All Set To Learn Quran Anywhere Anytime. Our Online Quran Teaching Method Is Very Effective And Easy For Students To Learn. It Takes a Bit Longer Than The Traditional Way But We Guarantee That it Will Pay Off In The End As Most People Fail Because Of Having Not Learne The Fundamentals Properly.

What do we offer?

You need an expert Shia Qari. You are promoting Islam too. To learn beautiful recitation, if you are able to recite Koran beautifully, you can earn a lot by offering namaz in mosques and roza khanas. Just tell us how much do you want? We’ll arrange everything including shia qari expert teaching classes near you. At our academy all students will be select on merit basis not age.

Benefits of learning from us

You Need an Expert shia Qari: we have professional Qaris for you and We Have Learn Beautiful Recitation if You Are Able To Recite The Koran Beautifully. Do you want to learn beautiful recitation from experts? Our online Quran academy will assist you in learning beautiful recitation from professionals. When it comes to Islamic topics, then knowledge and information are two integral parts that play a significant role in how well you will be able to perform your tasks in Islam as a religious person. If you are unable to recite with proper pronunciation and intonation, then it can lead you more towards becoming ignorant when it comes down things concerning on religious nature.

How Do I Sign Up?

Registering for our academy will only take a few minutes. First, you’ll need to fill out an online application. Once you’ve been accept, you’ll pay a nominal monthly fee and schedule classes. We have professionals ready to teach you—online or in person. Our Online Quran teachers are dedicate individuals who truly enjoy teaching and helping others learn. They are also capable of teaching Qarisat Diwan-e-Hafez in your local city like Houston, TX as well as other areas as well if request on time for best class timings without fail. So join us today and feel free to contact with any questions or concerns that you may have about signing up for our academy or our teachers!

Can I learn Quran without teacher?

Yes, you need an expert shia qari. You are promoting Islam too. To learn beautiful recitation, if you are able to recite Koran beautifully then you can learn without teacher but if your pronunciation & grammar will be weak, then it’s better for you to join us in our online class so that we can fix your mistakes & help with tips and suggestions on how to learn easily

How many days will it take to learn Quran?

On average, it takes an adult learner between 4 and 6 months to memorize an entire juz’ (or one-30th) of The Holy Qur’an. That’s approximately 7-10 pages. This depends on your focus, however. If you are intent upon learning beautiful recitation from a renown Master, then be prepare for a long road ahead – possibly longer than most other learners.

Is it compulsory to wear hijab while reading Quran?

Muslims believe that reading or reciting Quraan has a number of benefits. Some people think that it is necessary for women to wear hijab when reading Quran in public. To learn beautiful recitation, if you are able to recite the Koran beautifully, you must have good knowledge about Islam and Muslim Culture as well. To develop your skills as a good reader, you need practice, listen frequently with proper pronunciation and different styles of readieng which will help you master an art from which you can make decent living in future. At times women may feel uncomfortable in trying hijab because some people judge them base on appearance only without considering their skills or talent. We respect cultural norms and beliefs but what’s more important here is learning beautiful recitation with correct pronunciation.

Where should I stop while reading Quran?

Many people ask what may seem like a very simple question: where should I stop while reading Surah’s or verses in prayers? While the answer to that is relatively simple, we get so much more out of our prayers when we are taught these little details. When you read, try not to stop between letters and even on long Vowel marks. Also try not to stop after short vowel marks. There are also many other details such as stopping after each ending chapter (Surah) or stopping after one long section of surahs that make up a chapter, if there are more than one surah in a chapter. You can choose which style works best for you or try different methods until you find something that fits your circumstances best.

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