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Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Backyard

by Nathan Zachary

The backyard can serve as an extension of your home to gather with family and friends. Whether it’s hosting a barbecue or keeping the kids entertained, the backyard should have ample lighting so that you and your guests can enjoy the outdoors after sunset. Consider these Outdoor Lighting ideas for your backyard to make it ideal for entertaining and dining at night.

Top Lighting Considerations

There are many Outdoor Lighting options to choose from that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The first step is to decide what type of Outdoor Lighting you want. There are three main types: spotlights, patio lights, and pathway lights. Pathway lights typically have a long wire that bends around posts or trees while it is constantly on. These provide illumination for walking through the yard at night or guiding pets.

Patio lights are larger than pathway lights and have a wide range of illumination. These types of Outdoor Lighting come in different shapes, sizes, and styles as well. They provide light for entertaining guests outside or playing games on the patio. Spotlights are used to illuminate objects like trees or to brighten a particular area of your yard.

Gutter Lights

A novel way to keep the look of your property fresh is to install gutter lights, which replace the traditional down-facing glow with a prettier up-facing glow. An all-around winner, this idea offers light while deterring birds and other intruders with its unexpected direction. The most common type of light used in this process is that which contains one hundred LEDs.

While it is one of the more expensive options for Outdoor Lighting, it’s also capable of producing light that stays where you want it. Plus, there’s no electricity required to get these lights working so you can place them anywhere on your property that makes sense. If they aren’t placed precisely how you’d like, however, simply repositioning them is fairly easy – no wires to snip! How cool is that?

Wall Mounted Lights

There are also plenty of other ways to add more design and security with Outdoor Lighting. Sidewalk lighting provides safety as people walk from their car to your front door. Another great option for exterior lighting is wall-mounted lights. They are simple to install and are mounted directly onto your house or garage. Many wall lights take advantage of solar power, meaning you never have to worry about a changing electrical bill or paying for maintenance or replacements. Whether you want security lighting or simply decorative outdoor fixtures, there’s a variety of options to choose from regarding Outdoor Lighting.

Landscape Lighting

It’s time to start thinking about Outdoor Lighting! Here are some Outdoor Lighting ideas that will make your backyard shine. This is especially important if you have a pool and want to ensure safety in the dark. Light up your whole yard or just focus on certain parts with these illuminating lights.

Low Voltage Lights

Low voltage lighting offers homeowners the opportunity to have a safe and efficient way to light up their backyard. Whether it is for decoration or safety, low-volt lights are an excellent way to illuminate your outdoor spaces. Another great benefit of these lights is they are more energy efficient than their other counterparts. This in turn saves you money on your electric bill.

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